I just lost a Shockblock

Not sure if thats the name but i noticed that i lost one of my red shock blocks on the front. I loosened the truck so i can turn better but after a curve i noticed how loose it was., well thats because its gone.Now i’m trying to find it.

MBS Matrix 2



Okay…? Are you asking if someone will sell/give you one or just telling us you dropped a piece of rubber on the road?

No i just lost mine 15 minutes ago and wanted to tell you./Ask if thats normal? It wasn’t even as loose as i wanted it to be.

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Gonna go with no, channel trucks should be able to handle more abuse than you get on a road since they are for rocks and shit

So my theory would be that if i have to loosen it to the point where it falls out, then the red ones aren’t for me.

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I think the yellows are the next softest? But yeah, the shocks should always be firmly mounted and rely on the composition for tuning

Red>Orange>Yellow hard to soft

At 80kg I ride super loose yellow in front, tight yellow or orange at back


Ah nice. Not sure if i want the yellow or oranges ones. 95kg +5 Gear and i like speed. I guess loose Orange?

Another thing… I ride with bindings which gives me ALOT more leverage :stuck_out_tongue: pretty sure I will be struggling with even yellow if i didn’t have them


Mine popped out mid ride… Didn’t even notice for quite a while…

Luckily I had spares at home… I too loosened the truck a fair bit hoping to get more carve.

My bindings are on the way! Can’t wait.

Same exact Thing. Ride was to hard so i loosened it and it popped out mid ride. Never to be seen again.

From the plastic base plate to rubbers falling out …not good…surely don’t have to glue them in…

Two different types of errors… One is mechanical and the other is user influenced

Hey @Andy87, is it possible to use shockblocks on trampa trucks? Nooby question I know… :joy::sweat_smile:

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I liked only what you wrote first. Will take away that like now :relieved:

Is there an instruction how to use the shock blocks? I could imagine they even not mend to be adjustable. Just get the right blocks for your turning radius and good.

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I’m just about to put MBS matrix ii on my trampa at the rear but have trampa on the front for now

I guess that leaves me to scoop up some trampa elastomeres :thinking:

I wanted jensos but the extra adjustability and cost isn’t justifiable for me yet

Dick tape can fix that @anon64938381

Yes i tried to write duck tape three times and auto correct made this out of it… I think there is a reason for it :joy::joy::joy: so i let it like this.

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Didn’t you want to go with a kaly now? Than just get all his stuff and good.

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