I live in a hot climates, lipo batteries puff up because of that

I live in a very hot climate during summer time and that always makes my lipos puff up. Are there any alternatives and safer ways so that I know my batteries won’t explode???

Lithium-ion maybe?

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Where do you live that it is that hot? I’m sure you have other semi local builders who can share solutions

Lithium iron or lithium titanate

I live in Las Vegas. But other places around US get this hot as well. In Arizona, Texas, even parts of California. I dont know where I can find people in my local area tho.

Are these solutions same price as lipo or cheaper even? I am not really looking into any solutions if they are significantly more expensive (i.e. double or triple the price of lipo).

On eBay and Amazon there’s great deals on these chemistry cells. Cheaper than lipo I think


Are lithium ion any good?

Just go with cylindrical LiIon cells and they will last a lot longer