I´m in love ! - first time VESC rider ! (Hobbyking SK8 ESC FOC)

If u wanna wake up ur vesc you can always try ackmaniacs FW

@Holyman92 thanks, I´ll read ackmaniacs thread about his FW. I´ll stick to VESC Tool for now as a noob.

Alright, I had to go through the whole wizard again because I was not smart enough to figure out how to read out my VESC´s current settings. I´ll give you some more details just to give you a better picture on what my VESC is dealing with…

Rider weight : 72Kg Board : 6kg Cells : 2x 4S (re-soldered 2x2S to a 4S) Turnigy LiPo 5000 mAh 40A continous 50A burst in series (wired to 8S). I got mine with 5mm bullet connectors Motor : SK3 5065 236 kv VESC : HK SK8 ESC TX / RX : Mini Remote Wheel : 83mm Trampa Stickies Gear : 12/36 Terrain : urban / light hills

Here are the screenshots from the VESC too

____________________________________________________________________ Motor Setup Wizard

____________________________________________________________________ Input Setup Wizard

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I’ll be using 2 of them since I am using them on a mountainboard. I need an idea of what type of connector that cann bus cable is. Does anyone have an idea what it may be?


Be sure to use the search top right on this site as well search for canbus surfaces this

Thanks so much

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i decided to switch from a 236kv to a 275kv motor today so i had to re-program my VESC. this is what i discovered when i opened my VESCs enclosure. :persevere:


apparantly a capacitor lost it legs due to the occuring vibrations.

now im wondering how long this capacitor has been rattling around in the enclosure and how long i’ve been riding around with ‘just’ 2 capacitors. i’m even wondering if i can operate the VESC safely with just 2 caps in the bank?

im no techie but are’nt the caps there to stabilze the current flow from the cells or to prevent current ‘dips’ from occuring ? (im not even sure if im formulating myself correctly here)

anyhow, i guess now we’ll find out about hobbykings warranty policy.

i’ll get a replacement capacitor and try to repair it if HK will not issue a replacement but im hoping to get a replacement without too many questions asked.

bummer, waiting is gonna suck…

Solder it back and use natural cure silicone to damp future vibrations.

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I cant, pins/legs are stuck on the pcb.

Then you need to buy new caps, samething happened to me a while back now I have plenty of caps in stock to avoid a long waiting time

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i´m looking online for a replacement right now. how long is that silicon reinforcement holding up?

edit somehow I cant edit the thread title?

I doubt they will warranty for that. Can’t u just solder it back

yeah…i was thinking just that. i´m afraid your right.

cant solder it back. the pins broke off inside the cap - the only chance i got is to replace the cap with a new one. lesson learned - i need a second board for this exact reason.

anybody knows if i can replace the caps with this one here? the dimensions are bigger though but it should be capable of storing more energy (better? right?)

1000 µF 63 V

Hobbyking and Flipsky 4.12 have no issues with FOC. I know! Who knew right?!

Oh wait, Matt and I knew.

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They seem pretty good for the job and are low ESR which is the most important spec for this application. The extra capacitance is a benefit and only issue is the increase size.

For the EE guys to review, in red below is the one image

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i’ll try and get them today. i hope they have a stock…dont feel like waiting.

i have the sk8 esc from hobbyking cant find windows vec tool