I’m selling a HYBRIDBOARD | Used

Hello Everybody!

I decided to build a smaller board because its a bit to heavy for me. So I’m going to sell this selfmade “Hybridboard”. Called “Hybridboard” only because its half for street and half for allterrain. You can find all informations to the board there: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/14-year-old-boy-builds-hybridboard/80510

I’m thinking about 1300€ for the whole board. Newprice was ~1600€ (i think).

I can ship it everywhere in the EU.

Please pm me, if you’re interested or if you have any questions. :+1:

Please make me an offer, if the price is to high for you.

I cgarged it 4 times.

10A charger is included but you also could use a 2 or 4A charger. It only depends on the charging time.

A few short informations: -Samsung 30Q 12s4p battery. -Smartbms with smartphone app. -2x 6365 3500w motors. -Alienpowersystem 2,4 Ghz Remote. -3d printed enclosure. -All terrain wheels (EVOLVE).

IMG_20181110_115332 IMG_20190226_163909 IMG_20190219_170545 IMG_20190210_110215 15537976777018933530407671786758 15537976993465733157860808189859 15537977477381656839348533367785



You mean 1A, right?

My kind of board. Fast charging is the future.


Nope its 10A! It wouldn’t be so big if it would be 1A🤣


A friend also charges his battery with 10A. And he said that nothing is happens.

… yet.



I charged the board only 4 times. So you wiuld be able to use another charger.

Sometimes i charged it with my 4A charger, but i don’t wanna sell the 4A charger.

My 4 AMP charger is bigger than that :joy:

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Really? Omg🤣

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And why is it bigger?

I don’t know. It’s a bit weird…

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That board is sexy as fuck. How did you cut the hexagons so cleanly?


Mind if I ask where you bought the 10A charger from? It looks super compact for that power so I’d like to buy one as well.

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If you’re tired of boards being heavy, take a look at this board. Heavy, long-range boards definitely have a place, but for most rides I prefer something closer to that.


Top speed? :grin::grin::grin:

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40kmh or more

Looks like you have an XT90 charge port and an XT90 loopkey. I would change that before you sell it to be honest. Too risky for potential fires to the inattentive buyer. @Andy87 can testify. Other than that as I have said before, amazing build. Good price too!


Thanks😊 Yeah, i could change this, but i think that everyone in this forum is able to change this himself.

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At the minimum, it needs a fuse on the charge port to be safe enough to keep indoors.

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