I need 2 sensored 6374 black motors please

I’m using some evolve trucks and ordered the motor mounts from UNiK… I originally ordered the torqeboard 6374 190kv motors but I think the shaft pins might be way to long… so I have to return them… does anyone have any motors that would work with the motor mounts unik sales? I see they have some motors that I think would work but they are 150kv and was thinking it was best to stay with a 190kv with the 10s5p battery back… not 100% sure of this either… still super new to all this… im waiting on them to email me back but in the mean time I figured id check here… also need the motor pulleys to go with the evolve 7inch wheel pulleys…

Thanks guys/gals!

Erm are you trying to do 6374 dual drive, if so on what trucks?

Evolve trucks with unik motor mounts version 2 with the evolve at 7 wheels

You could always cut the shafts if they were too long? Where are you based? That might narrow it down if you still need motors.

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I’m in the US Milwaukee WI. Yeah that thought crossed my mind but I literally don’t have many tools to do all that and didn’t want to damage anything… was just hopeing to buy something that I wouldn’t have to cut and would work, thanks for your response

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