I need a a torque boards 6374 motor good condition

i have one but for some reason its clicking and idk why

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Loose magnets or faulty bearings?

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Loose magnets

@marcmt88 might have extra motor cans, will require a shaft transplant though.

If not, maybe open up the motor and see if you can glue/epoxy the loose magnet(s) back in place?

How much for one

Easy fix if the magnets not broke yet😅 just open it up and glue the magnets back. Before you throw the motor away, let me know :point_up::relieved:

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Ive opened it and the magnets aren’t moving I checked the bearing and it seems good Do yall know the bearing size

It’s click when moving the motor with the hand? Or only when you spin it up under power?

It clicks if it’s moving fast or slow and in my hand

If it clicks while turning slow it doesn’t sound like magnets. I would tag @torqueboards to get the size of there bearings.

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The bearing will be clicking like that

The bearing probably says a number on the sheild of it. Generally they start with a 6

Ok I’ll look and hopefully that’ll help me

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6800-2RS is the bearing 10x19x5


But anyone doesn’t have one for sale

I may have a couple broken ones laying around if u wanna pay shipping I’ll give em to you… i always tear their motors apart to fix mags, legit bought a bottle of special loctite for wgen i buy TB motors because the mag glue they use always breaks… every single one ice had so far lol

Also, the reason the mags wont move when ur tryung is ypu need to remove the retaining ring at the top otherwise u need to be able to swperate the mag from the can by pulling it directly off lol


See here how there isnt that matte gray ring, it will just pop off w/ a flat head screw driver and a few LIGHT taps in different spots so u dont warp it


So u know its a TB lol

i have a tb 6374 for sale; if you want it pm me @Harpsaco

Wasn’t there an issue with your post office? Or they way from you to the post office? :thinking: Don’t promise something you will not hold on to. That’s not how things should be handled here :roll_eyes:

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No theres an issue with the recipient that i was assuming would be kept private for now, but since he wants to air laundry out…

No there has been an issue with flooding and wet roads. Today is finally clear and the roads shpuld be dry enpugh by morning that i dont have to uber around anymore (15-30$ a day 6 days a week between work and school) topcloud doesnt understand that a student working 2 part time jobs (sub 20 hrs a week at each) barely has money to get arpund let alone eat AND uber… so dont come at me sideways like ypu understand what the fuck ur talking about and forget about the motors

Not to mention dealing with a lithium fire and getting 1st/2nd degree burns on my feet (which i really didnt want to talk about but is another reason i havent been skating)