I need a battery pack builder

I am looking for a battery pack builder who could build me a 10s, 8p battery pack. I would need 2 quotes, one for if I supply all the cells and the other for the builder to source 30q cells for the pack. There are 2 restrictions. (1) The pack must be flexible. It is going onto a trampa deck which has loads of flex. (2) the pack must be able to be separated into airplane friendly packs, preferably (10) 1s 8p packs. Thanks, Thomas

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No DIY pack can go into a plane, unless it went through expensive certification. Some forum members did manage to travel with their DIY packs, but that’s irresponsible if you stop for a second and think.

Unless your pack uses non-solder non-welded connections, like the NESE, you’re not allowed to bring them into a plane.


Really? Even if you place them in lipo bags for transport? Edit: Safety is the reason I was paying someone else to build the battery

what he said. If you are looking for legally allowed batteries, then Boosted standard or InBoard M1 are are only ones I think are certified to do so. I’ve thought about using the 3 M1 batteries I have for a build, that would be a 12s3p

I would suggest you just don’t plan on traveling with this build. Just like our helmet debates, your life and safety isn’t the only one on the line, you are also with a few hundred people who has no control over a lithium fire in a small cabin up in the air. Even with a lipo pouch there’s no window for you to vent out the fumes


@Mikenopolis Would you fly with N.E.S.E packed?

What if I use 20 of these and build a massive harness for them all. Do these have to pass the certification you talk about? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-5000mah-2s-30c-lipo-pack-xt-90.html

If you’re willing to pay a battery builder you might aswell use NESE but you would also need some sort of container to make sure the individual packs don’t short. And carefully monitor everything you ever put into the bag with them. Like usbs etc if a cable bumps about it could be vaporised by an 8p. There’s no sort of situation where this is completely safe unless you have a dedicated case. And then imagine the weight of all of this together.

I would be the wrong person to ask because I only fly with Boosted or InBoard, those are my travel dedicated boards.

It is a guilt issue. If ANYTHING happened there’s much less guilt since the responsibility can be passed onto those two companies.

It is going on a 2wd mountainboard build. Weight is not my top priority. Are you talking about a dedicated case when traveling or for the under the board.

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The case would be to carry them safely in a bag. Would be around 10-12kg altogether and huge

I realize that it will be a pain to transport but I want to be able to transport it if I need to via plane. What do you think about using premade lipos wired into a pack?

A 5s 5ah is just over the 99wh limit so possible. Just don’t carry anything sharp and cover the connectors

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The lipo i linked to was 2s 5000mah. Well under 99wh. I would need 20 of them but that is technically allowed

Just to leave my two cents here A 11s4p pack under fire filled our 100sqm flat in 5min with so much smoke that it was not possible to breath anymore. Even the open windows just gave me to come inside after 20-30min. Don’t wanna know what this would mean in a plane. I know it would be more easy to just take it with you, but please don’t fly with a diy battery pack🙏


20x 2s 5000mah :thinking: that would be 10s4p lipo. What range you wanna kill with it? It’s about 35-45km if I calculated right and something like 8kg for lipos only :sweat_smile: isn’t it too heavy?

The range should be in the 30-35 mile range

To be size practical you want to be as close to the 99wh as possible. You’re going to need atleast 21 xt90 connectors this way as well

You travel so often with it that it’s necessary? Bought my boosted board because I thought it would be nice to take. Till now never used and guess never will use because of troubles on the airport. Once I even had a long discussion because of my drone and 2 battery packs. Usually it shouldn’t be an issue if you stay under 99wh but explain this to russian security :sweat_smile: if they don’t want you to get it inside than they will not give you. Even wouldn’t know what to make than. Just safe the board on the airport? Would be a pitty…especially if you spend a lot of time making your own board. Maybe more easy to go for a second board, like cabrio for summer days, you could get a travel board like boosted mini?:thinking: which would be also more easy to pack

I’m from the USA. Security is very lenient here so long as your under 99wh. I travel 2-3 times per year where I would like to be able to take my board. I will look for some 4s 5000mah as those are maximizing the 99wh

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@SeanHacker aren’t you from Seattle? Know any battery builders there?