I need a cheap esc asap

so i decided i want to build an elctric sk8board for summer but i only have a budget of about 300 -350 and that leaves about 50 bucks for my esc. I need it in about 2 weeks aswell. It does not have to be the best, here some info:

Im 72kg (160lbs) pretty much no hills in my area it just has to last to the end of summer (then il upgrade to a vesc) i can pay with paypal shipping to germany

Hey alex_ce , are you doing a single or dual motor?

if dual, checkout the new Maytech Dual ESC coming out , it’s about $50 plus shipping from China


If you’re only doing single then you could go with a hobbywing Ezrun or one of the RC Car ESC’s

Suggest saving up and doing research or buy a prebuilt cheap board if you go the diy route you’re either going to spend more than that or end up with something not worth the time and effort… Shipping will likely take at least 2weeks for parts. Sounds too rushed, why do you “need” this immediately why can’t you wait and save the money you have until you have the money for equipment/parts you know are good?

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Which voltage are you going to use?

hey, thanks. i’m on a tight budget so i’m going run 1 50-60 NTM Prop-Drive V2, i looked for the esc you suggested but didn’t find them so i just ordered a YEP 6s 150A airplane esc.

I forgot to say I already have a deck, wheels, trucks and hardware. I was actually going to get a 20 euro 100A ariplane esc, but i got a YEP 150A esc. Tracked shipping is going to be 10days.

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Ah okay that does help quite a bit with the limited budget, just saying starting from nothing it cost me at least $600 and I went with a pretty bare bones build (went with a VESC after blowing a couple cheaper ESCs too hence pushing away from going the cheapo route, always costs you the cheap thing plus the expensive thing in the end).

Having the deck and hardware does take a couple hundred out of that but you’ll need to figure out the motor mount and pulley situation with getting it all connected, nice thing about starting with nothing was I just got the kit from DIYelectricskateboards with everything that fit (at a premium but worth it IMO).

wait… do airplane ESCs even have brakes?

Well i’ve got a drillpress and a jigsaw so i can make the motormound and modify the wheel and pulley myself wich saves me some money.

Here i got a spreadsheet with my parts (i just ordered them like an hour ago): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/104PhyblsyzVMJjo5Ga-Sl9i5YhDTZgMrP_9VabjG3VQ/edit#gid=0

I’m hopefully not missing anything, i don’t have any money left on paypal

I’ve seen ones that have hard stop braking to stop the prop but not smooth deceleration like the car ESCs, I was using a boat one at first I think (that one blew after a few hours of riding, probably expected water cooling) and that had the same kind of throw you off the board braking.

Need to make that doc public for us to see it I think, can look it over if ya do and give you my 2 cents or try to point out any show stopper gaps.

I was a litte scared for a moment, but i checked to find out that this does

It has something called F3A braking, so it’s not a fully on/off brake

Just be careful, most people use Car ESCs, there were some reasons why airplane/heli ESCs were not good for esk8, one of them being some of them don’t have brakes.

i haven’t seen a YEP airplane esc in an esk8 yet, so if they are actually awesome or terrible i’ll report in a build log

Yeah sounds good not sure what that stopping code/number means off hand but will be another data point for the forums if nothing else :slight_smile: Either way you will be able to “go” but with some configs on some of the ESCs just letting go of the throttle causes the brake to engage which was interesting to learn how to ride but not interesting enough I wanted to keep doing it.