I need a custom battery

I have a freind that wanted a space cell frome enertion but is was a 10s and his set up can only handle a 6s. Would some one be able to build him a pack that would be a 6s 70amp and 100 burst and about 10,000 Mah? You would need to ship it to washinton dc.

PM me sir, I would be honored to assist you in your endeavor.

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@barajabali is the man for the job. Definitely take him up on his offer.

The battery is actually for me but I’m new to this forum and don’t quite understand how to pm you, can you pm me? thanks

Click on his name, a pop-up should appear, then click message.

I understand where it should be but I don’t have it…

Bro just use emails lol

PM’D lol


I think this would be due to forum rules about new accounts being able to spam. So you have to fulfill certain conditions to unlock the ability to PM or even create a thread.

This is where it is for me:

+1 yep Tier 0 level users need to read for at least 30 minutes I believe before they can create a topic or pm

Can you PM me it still won’t work…

He said he did. Check your messages in the top right. Click on your name, and then click on the letter.

For custom battery, only place to start is @barajabali as others have pointed out. Hopefully you can just exchange emails lol

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Sorry to say but in the sense of development it would make sense to lock you completely out of PMs rather than just sending them. But I didn’t develop this forum so who knows. If you’re not sure how to see your PMs you can click your picture (note I’m on a PC so it looks a little differently)

Then click on the mail icon

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Lol featured… I feel very special.

I understand where to look but as of now I still see nothing, thanks for the help:)

You still into making custom battery packs? Im in the early stages of a new invention but bottom line I have an aluminum tube 2.25 - 2.375" inside dimeter which I will make waterproof and that will hold the power packs. Im looking for as much power as possible for long running times. If you can calulate the length of the tube for a couple high mAH packs that would be great!

I was thinking round packs that stack inside the tube

Either 10S or 12S 32,000mAH or much higher to 64,000+mAH continuous current 40-80A bursting 125A