I need a fast charger if possible to charge my 10s5p in under 2 hours

It came with a 1.5 amp charger and takes forever to charge the esc is quit durable any assitance would be much appreciated

Assuming it’s made of 30’qs which would equate to 15ah then get a 7a charger it should charge your pack just above 2 hours

You like fried charge ports I guess :wink:

Most Barrel charge ports can handle 7a. :grin:

You know if he has one of them?

What about the bms? Not all can handle even 4+amp charge, well the cheaper ones.

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i paid over 100 it works alot beter than my old 20 dollar one

15Ah and a 6a charger. It takes 2.5-3h since I use a bms for charging

i have a barrel charge port what would the charge time be with seven amps and were could i buy one?

Not all Barrel charger are the same. Check with the guy who build your pack what he would recommend the max charge current is for the pack.

she said 12 a but i dont know where to find one or if shes exagerting

Get an xt60 for charging

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Who build your pack? Someone from here? Your barrel plug need to be a special one to be able to charge even with 10a. Make sure that you have this kind of barrel plug!

i belive i do

it was built on special order by evolve

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Believe is not good enough :sweat_smile: believe me, if it’s the wrong one you will melt your charge port with 12a or worst case short your pack.

Lol then don’t fast charge it

i guess ill just buy evolves fast charger

Every one I’ve tried ends up melting at 4.5 A

Whats there fast Charger? 4a? Than it still will take 4+ Hours to charge and balance.