I need a vesc and/or motor

Does anybody have a extra vesc and/or motor they would be willing to sell me? They just need to be able to handle a 12s battery.

I have maytech 4.12 and 6374 170KV or 6354 270KV. all brand new

How much for the vesc? I was looking for a little higher kv

VESC 90us included shipping. High KV I have 5065 400Kv

I’m sorry but that’s way too much for such crappy product, the maytech…they sell for that or less new…

agree, maytech is not verry good product now

I have a Focbox, 6374 190kv, and extended mount that I would sell.

How much for each one? What brand is the motor?

About to post a for sale thread.

I got a Sk3 6364 unused

Where are you located? I have a torque boards vesc and 6374 motor for sale.

With 12s you need much lower kv motor. Like ~160kv. Otherwise you going to break the 60000erpm limit. Or you could buy a vesc6

Whenever I look at the a motor like for example the 6355 190kv it will tell me the “max volts: 12s”

I’m located in NM. How much for both?

Is that the US? I’m UK based.

Yea I guess nevermind shipping will be too much

Yeah that’s for the motor. And you want an vesc you said. That got different values.