I need advice on those damm motor mounts

Hi Everyone.

I really need advice on what to do with this motor mount situation. I have build a board around the Turnigy 6374 motor. I can not get it to sit reliably on the trucks.

I have used the board for maybe 5 km og riding and on each ride, the motor mount came loose. I have tried to fix it with some steel epoxy. But it does not seem to work.

The mount is a cheap shit chinese mount, which i will never buy again.

I have bought a set up Hobbyking longboard trucks and is waiting for the hobbyking mount, which i have heard is quite good for the price.

But i did not see that the trucks does not fit into the 2cm hole in the pulley.

My question is now.

  1. return the Hobbyking trucks and try to find a way to weld the mount to the paris trucks? (i have no experience with welding, but i have access to a welder)

  2. keep the Hobbyking truck and mount and then try to cut down the edges of the truck so it can fit. (its 22mm diagonal)

  3. should i find a diffrent mount or pulley for either Hobbyking trucks or paris if so what?


Paris trucks are normally the better option compared to the hobbyking trucks, so i´d keep these - you can keep your pulley too.

The cheap route is JB weld. Haven´t used it for myself, but seems good according to a lot of people here!

The clean and best route is a suiting motor mount. Depending on where you are located get one from our vendors here :wink:

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I would say there has been too much material removed from this arm to consider it safe…

get a drill, put the hobby king truck hanger in the drill. pin the trigger down and put a file to the outer edge of the hanger until the pully can fit over it. you only need to file down just enough for the pulley.

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I had the same problem when using that motor mount. I solved it by buying longer set-screws and then adding a slim nut. This way, the set-screws are locked down from both the threads within the motor mount, and the nut. The motor mount never came loose again after I did this. Also use lots of loctite!

What do you guys think if me 3d printing a new 36T pulley so i dont have to cut the trucks?

Trucks are aluminum, super hard to weld

if you can do it, then do it… a lot of people getting good mileage out of printed pulleys.

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The hk trucks are caliber clones, so you can get a caliber motor mount. I would recomend the diye one on amazon, because it is a decent affordable solution. You cam get pulleys for relitively cheap, so if you go with that aproach, it should not cost mcuh

  1. File the hobbyking truck down. Put in the wheel and ride that fucking board
  2. Take an angle grinder or something and get that cheapo chinese mount off those paris trucks.
  3. Have a working board and also somewhat fucked up paris trucks

hobbyking trucks are not caliber clones at all, the HK mount doesn’t quite fit calibers without some modification

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