I need brushed inrunner speed controller for 100volts

anyone know where i can get a brushed D.C. controller that can handle 100volts? This monster truck board showed up at my shop and dude gave me a wad of cash to try and get it running reliably at ~ 96v or so.


I have no idea but I support this cause ! Haha


these are the old Hyper Vipers. He had a few of them. In the background you can see one he jacked up on HUUUUGE wheels from a golf cart or something and they have motorcycle ties on them.

Anyway they’ve got four giant DC brushed inrunners and i need a 100v controller that can take some PWM input so we can use standard remotes.

typically they run at 10S and 13S and he wants one to run at basically what amounts to 26S which is approximately 93 volts.


“Hold my beer while i stick 100V on this skateboard”

A treadmill motor controller? Would require some hacking to remove the AC rectifiers and an arduino to interpret the remote signal to send to the motor controller… doable, but won’t be pretty

Love to see the magic smoke come out of those motors


its going to be interesting. He has plenty of them to smoke, too.

He’s got several of these boards and he’s been running them at 72volts. They’re designed for 36 and 48, but he strapped a couple of the packs together in series and they last for a while but start blowing caps in the ESC.

I told him there had to be something out there, possibly something for ebikes maybe.

If he only blew caps on the ESC why not slap some higher voltage caps on them and see if they run?

yeah we’re trying that first. Then we’ll see what else blows after that. Its like playing dominoes except when they fall you put bigger dominoes.

Eventually we’ll get all the way to the traces and when we cook them its done.


ebikes uses something 42v :frowning:

I’ve seen them but not sure about quality. I wouldnt want to run voltage that high. Even >40v can be deadly, 96v is all kinds of trouble with the amps you’d need.

Should be something tho

Yea… considering North American wall outlets are 120v and just a couple amps could kill you.

it only takes 100-200 milliamps to stop your heart. Everything over that is a light show for the death concert.

its all about the application. Ever grab some bare wires in your wall with one hand by accident while doing some work on the house? You felt it. It feels like somebody turned your hand into steel and placed it in an ultrasonic paint shaker clamp. Are you dead? no.

But don’t grab one wire in each hand. You’ll probably die.

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yea but that 120AC, DC is another game at that kind of voltage.

how many amps did the original controllers put out? I think you could get the performance without overvolting to death. lol those motors will have a limit somewhere…

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https://m.nl.aliexpress.com/item/32620526387.html#autostay maybe…

10 amps is not nearly enough

Perhaps if he’s got 4 motors he could output 410100=4000w dc.

it has four motors. I forgot to mention that. But all four motors are controlled by a single two conductor output, so they’re all in parrallel. I guess that’s something you can do with DC brushed inrunners.

110AC is relatively safe because it goes through 0v 120 times a second (60hz) therefore your muscles dont cramp up and you’re able to let go. The average dry skin thumb-finger grasp skin resistance is 20kohm, average resistance per arm is 250ohm. The total resistance from holding a live wire while touching a grounded sourface with your other hand would be 20500 ohm. The current flowing through your body would be 5.36mA which means you’ll feel the shock. You would need to hold this wire for a total of 21 seconds in order to cause defribrilation.


Checked ASP? Think they have one for 24s or something like that

ASP? what’s that?

How about these guys. Up to 300amp though u hate to think how big it will be…