I need help deciding which BMS or balance charger to use

Hey, this is my first post! I’m a complete noob working on my first build and I’ve been doing some reading on the forums, but I thought I’d get explicit clarification on the charging systems. I have three 5000mAh 4S1P 14.8v 20C hardcase packs that I’ll be connecting in series for a 12S system, which should be a total of 44.4 volts (I think). But I’m still confused about amps and selecting the right specs for my charging.

Here are the additional details of my setup: Motor: TorqueBoards 6355 190kv Motor VESC: DIYElectricSkateboards VESC

If I were to use a BMS:

  1. I found this page with 12S BMSs for sale, and it seems as though the price increases as the amp capacity increases. For my setup, which amperage am I looking for?

  2. One of the draws of using a BMS is that I’d have a cleaner single port charging system. But once I have my female DC plug connected, what specs should I look for on a laptop charger?

  3. When using a BMS, I’ve read that you should use the BMS for charging only and not discharging. I’ve found several wiring diagrams for this setup, but I just wanted clarification that I need to configure it like this.

If I were to use a balance charger:

  1. When using a balance charger, I’ve read on here that it’s not necessarily recommended to charge all your batteries connected at once (not sure on this, I’ve read both ways). Also finding a 12S balance charger isn’t very easy. It’s not the end of the world if I have to charge them one by one since my enclosure is meant to be an easy open, but I just wanted clarification on whether or not charging in series is advisable.

  2. Same question for the laptop charger here, mostly just about picking the right one for the B6. I know the version two of the imax B6 plugs directly into the wall, so I might just go with that.

  3. What settings would I need to input on my balance charger to charge each pack individually? This is a basic question but like I said, I’m very new to these battery systems and I just don’t want to damage anything.

Any help is appreciated! If there’s something you think I’m forgetting or haven’t considered, feel free to mention it!

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I recommend you get the board put together and get skating. Just back burner the BMS project for a rainy day after charging the batteries one at a time gets to be a Nuisance.

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That’s what I’m thinking at this point. And if I ever work on other battery powered projects, it might be nice to have the B6 charger instead of buying a new bms every time.

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