I need help, I have battery built, got VESC & remote controller but am unable to figure out how to hook it all up together

Items I have:

Batteries are tested and ready to go, I get a blue light on the VESC, but can’t connect to the motor or remote controller. The VESC doesn’t connect to (what I think is the) motor sensor; the pins don’t match up. And no idea how to connect the remote controller to the VESC. I’ve watched over a dozen videos and all the gear is different and it’s all plug & play. Any thoughts?

did you try emailing DIY electric skateboard, the place that sold you all this gear?


But I did just now find some of their videos. I managed to hook up the VESC to the receiver of the nano remote. Little things like making sure the black wire is facing a certain direction on the VESC & receiver would have been good to know, along with knowing that I could cut into the VESC plastic which I thought was supposed to be tamper proof. They should have supplied at least a simple page of instructions or QR links that would lead me to some YT videos on how precisely I’m supposed to hook up their gear. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the extra wire from the motor along with the bluetooth widget.

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Thanks. That doesn’t help though.

I just now was able to get the motor to turn. The last issue was just the charging of the remote controller. After fiddling with it, my motor suddenly spun. A very happy moment. It was this one video that helped me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOjPTMa0Bew&t=13s. Thanks anyway for being there. It’s much appreciated.

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Yup! Way unsafe. I wanted to get my motor turning before I taped and wrapped it all up. I didn’t want to keep unwrapping it in order to unfuck something. So I just taped the ends with kapton and will be adding a foam pad under the BMSs and will be shrinkwrapping each battery pack. Will be safe as hell. Yes, it’s all ghetto, but it’ll be good to roll once my shrinkwrap and pads arrive.

I appreciate the feedback and input.

I do have a couple questions though, that maybe you might be able to help me with.

  • My motor has a small 6-pin female wire connector that I have no idea where it goes to.
  • Each of my BMSs have two P- wires sticking out. I taped them, but the videos I’ve watched said not to worry about them…well I’m worried. What are they for and what should I do with them?
  • My BMS’s came with a bluetooth plug, but no idea what to do with it; none of these items came with instructions or even a rudimentary list of tips. Granted, I haven’t Googled the bluetooth/BMS issue yet, but was still wondering.

Thanks again for voicing some concern.

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I’m ina middle of fam stuff, let me get back once the kids are down, I’ll try and help. In the meantime, please post pics to highlight the questions, makes it easier for others to help diagnose. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a huge amount of information on this forum about building batteries.

Start by reading through here:


This battery is very unlikely to work very well. Are those used laptop cells?

that 6 pin connector on your motor are the sensors, you can connect it to your vesc to run in sensored mode, but you’ll probably need an adapter cable. Can you post how you wired your bmses

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