I need help! Im doing my first build and i have no idea what to buy!

Hi my name is cole. Ive been downhill longboarding for 6 years. Im now in college and i need some fast transportation. I live in west virginia and my campus is really hilly. Like seriously all steep hills. I need a board that wont bog down on steep grade. Ive neen looking at high watt/ low kv motors because i have read low kv means more torque and watts basically means more power. Correct me if im wrong. Also I am looking at a 100 amp esc and about 10000 mah- 15000 mah worth of batteries but i have no idea what © 0r (s) to get. i dont really even understand what they mean. Im going to post all the parts im looking at buying and tell me if im headed in the right direction. Im looking to spend about 200-300 on electrical parts. i have all the boards, trucks, and wheels id ever want. PLEASE HELP! Give recommendations! i need it to be fast. i need it to be able to book it up steep hills and the charge to last for a good couple miles. Im also an engineering student so i dont mind having numbers thrown at me.

Turnigy aerodrive sk3 6374 192kv TURNIGY Plush 100A w/ UBEC Speed Controller Turnigy nano-tech 1200mah 1S 15C Round Cell

my explanation for the batteries is that it is cheaper per mah to get a bunch of little batteries. If I run them in series and parallel i should be able to get a pretty good battery pack. I need help knowing how to do so though. I would like to be able to get 5 miles out of a charge but i have no idea how many mahs i need or what that motor needs. basically i need a lot of help.

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I’d probably try to get one or two 6S-8S battery packs rather than a bunch of single cells, just because it will make charging less of a hassle.

Hi Cole, if you are going up hills get 2 6s lipo batteries and wire them in series. What trucks and wheels do you have? Don’t get that ESC. Get something that can handle high voltage like this one from : product/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/

Maybe get these motors because they come with a keyway and you could have them in a dual rear configuration: http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/190kv-electric-skateboard-motor/

If you want a beast of a ride then get a 12S setup (2) 6S 5ah packs and (2) 63mm motors. It will weigh a bit though probably over 15-16 lbs.

You can make it with (2) 50mm motors and 12S 5ah. 12S 5ah should get you about 10-14 mile range.

12S is fun though and more then enough power to climb up hills.

I run a 12S, dual 50mm setup and can climb about 20-30% degree inclines.

Hi Welcome to our forum! We will do our best to help.

It is better to look at Watt Hours when you measure battery capacity. Nominal Voltage X Amp Hours.

For hill climbing two motors is generally always better than one. But the 6374 is a pretty big motor so if you want to stay with just one motor to keep cost down i think that is a great choice.

Higher voltage is always better.

We need to know your body weight & the max speed you want to travel. (most people with downhill longboarding experience aren’t scared of travelling at crazy fast speeds - but it is important to talk about top speed to design the drive train)

Be sure to read these articles.

im around 180 lbs. I want to be going at least 20 mph. I want to spend under 300 on my esc, motor, and batteries. I want to go with 1 really powerful motor for cost purposes. It doesnt really need to be able to go super far, but the more mileage the better i guess. basically i want a beast of a board that i can do anything with. I cant break the bank but i also dont want something that will run out of juice quick or break on me.

The 63mm tacon Bigfoot motors are the strongest, most reliable motors I’ve used and they are 55 bucks.

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is it true that the lower the kv, the higher the torque? What is your experience with motors with same wattage but different kv?

this seriously super helpful though. All great advice.

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For our purposes, the lower the kv the better. I found in the beginning though that using gearing around 2.5:1 @ 22v I could use single 63’s between 200-300 kv with basically the same good results and mostly affecting my top speed. Climbing overpasses and hills was easy and I weigh 200lbs.

im talking some pretty steep hills, but what motor do you recommend? I want something powerful, but affordable. so under 100

basically i need to know what is the ideal set up and why (explain v and kv and mah and s and all those techical terms) and how to make mine as close to that without breaking the bank. my ideal setup is a single motor configuration with a esc and switch and batteries that will last lets between 5 and 10 miles.

i just have no idea what to buy to get there

i take it you didnt read the articles :sob:

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My suggestion. You can go dual diagonal and use 6374 size motors which is overkill and/or you can run a dual diagonal/dual rear with 6354/6355 motors.

There are the SK3 63mm motors from HobbyKing $80/ea, 63mm BigFoot Tacon Motors $55/ea from HobbyPartz and/or Enertion 6355 Motors $100/ea.

HobbyKing - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__672__663__Electric_Motors-63mm.html HobbyPartz - http://www.hobbypartz.com/96m608-bigfoot160-5335-245kv.html or http://www.hobbypartz.com/taconplanes.html

I’d pair it with a (2) 6S 5ah packs in series for 12S 5ah and/or the SPACE cell 10S pack.

That would get you the ability to climb 20-30% inclines no problem.

I currently use a similar setup but I use dual 50mm motors as the 63mm weren’t necessary and were added weight for myself. I’m about 180-190 lbs.

Of course, you would have to go into detail on actual KV of motors.


TorqueBoards nailed it! :smile:

how many C should the batteries be?

Also I really just want to stick with single motor for budget reasons

Also what specs should i be looking for in an esc?

10C/20C is fine.

120A/150A Car ESC works best.