I need help on connector

have a question here Enertion vesc and other vesc have a 3 tube like connector to connect motor with vesc and a 2 wire to connect vesc and the battery right ?

So my main concern is every battery vesc and motor we get will be have the same connector to install easilly right or there are many types of connector ?

Like somehow a battery only comes with 2 wire and fhe vesc have 3 ports

The VESC 3 ports should be for the motor, than you should have 2 for the battery. You might need to buy 5.5mm to 4mm adapters or vice versa depending on your setup. Or you can just solder it ur self. Really depends on what vesc/battery/motor.

I haven’t actually built one myself, just typing what I’ve seen on the forums b4.

The top right yellow thing Is that the standard connector to connect battery and vesc ?


That’s xt60. It’s not standard per say, maybe it’s standard for enertion vesc. it’s one of the common ones we use. It has a positive side and a negative side. I guess to better avoid shorting stuff. And on the other end, depending on your motor, either a 4mm or 5.5mm bullet connector.

Is this a xt60 connector ? Its from diyelectronic Enertion standard vesc and this battery Do they match with the same xt60 connector ?

That has an xt90 I believe. You could probably contact @torqueboards to have xt60 there instead. And It’s not hard to change it.