I need help on diy build please

I just finished a diy build and went out for a test ride and when i pushed on the accelerator, it felt like nothing happend. Then i pushed to full throttle, i saw it was speeding up a little but felt like there was no torque at all. My build is a focbox unity, metroboard 10s8p battery, backfire g2t hub motors, and flipsky vx1 remote. I assume something is wrong because even my backfire g2t stock has way more torque although its a low power hub board. Any idea why theres almost no torque? I can provide the setup i have in the focbox software and a video showing it doesnt not accelerate much when i push full throttle on the remote. I dont know if u need a different software setup for hubs motors vs belt motors, so i just matched volts, amps, and remote setup to my build, i didnt change any rpm stuff or advanced remote config. Any help or suggestions please would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Take a video.

Screen capture the vesc tool data while you do it

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Calibrate your remote

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I already did. I used ppm.

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Albert hopefully that helps you get help.

Could try the more active forum too.