I need help picking parts =)

Hi everyone!

I’m currently looking for some advice on upgrading my current DIY build. Any input on how you would tackle these requirements is welcome :slight_smile:

My current setup looks like this:

  • dual focboxes
  • 2x 6355 torqueboards motors
  • 10S2P Sanyo 20700B (wowgo 2s battery and bms)
  • Loaded vanguard deck
  • Wowgo 2s battery and esc enclosure
  • 265mm belt, 15mm
  • 15 teeth motor pulley
  • 36 teeth wheel pulley
  • Metr.pro module

What i want to upgrade to:

  • 10S4P/10S5P Sanyo 20700B/Samsung 30Q
  • A carbon-fiber deck that doesn’t flex too much for the battery pack of this size, still remains confortable at speeds max. 50 km/h. A deck with integrated enclosure has my preference.
  • A bms that can charge the 10S4P/10S5P pack in 2-3 hours and needed charger. Discharge rate needs to be around 80A continious
  • A enclosure that fits the battery pack and other electronics.

Some questions i have:

  • Is it safe to dissasembly my 10S2P battery to salvage the cells, and combine with new cells into a bigger pack?
  • What are the pro’s/con’s of a 10S4P/10S5P Samsung 30Q vs Sanyo 20700B?

I would love to hear your input and suggestions! Best regards, Dimotro

Edit: i am looking for recommendations for a cheap spot welder that would fit the purpose of this battery pack. Leave your recommendations :slight_smile:

no you can’t combine old cells with new cells.

for enclosures you have benclosures who is in the UK. Also Eboardsperu.com

integrated decks good choices; Haya, Move-E. I personally like the Haya

for Bms get Bestech 80 amps Bms


Yes i was interested in the Haya decks as well, but as far as i understand these aren’t for sell atm or the near future. Am looking for something that is availible in pretty soon.

In terms of enclosures, i’m living in the Netherlands, so the UK isn’t too bad.

If money isn’t a problem @Sender is doing a custom Haya paint job I believe


Those decks look dope but $435 for a deck is just out of my price range atm. Although i really like his work =)

In terms of deck i can go up to $250, doesnt’t need to be custom in particular. Needs to fit the batteries and other electronics. A removeable enclosure is no problem eather if it isn’t integrated.

Kweld and Maletrics are spotwelder from Europe, @aulakiria 's boss level spotwelder will ship from Korea. All come in around 100€. You need to purchase a car battery or Lipos to run them.

You can just buy another Meepo battery and use in parallel. But you’ll have to charge them separately

Don’t think that’s going to work since fast charging is a requirment for this build and the standard bms won’t allow for that. Since i’m going to get a spot welder it doesn’t make sense for me to order premades eather :slight_smile:

I’ve got my eye on this spot welder from Aliexpress:

Do you have any idea how this compares to @aulakiria 's spotwelder? This one ships for around the same price to the Netherlands and doesn’t require lipo’s for power, which i prefer.

I haven’t used any of these myself, but read about quite many bad experiences with the sunnko. The arduino spotwelder from Europe and Korea have a quite good reputation.

Alot of people actually use Sunkko spot welders

Buy a kweld and be happy for the rest of your life

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www.esk8-calculators.com has a good battery cell comparison chart :wink: