I need help to select batteries

Gi guys,

I am trying to build my DIY electric mountainboard I bought most of things and I did list about what I bought. Now I have to buy or build batteries. If I will build my batteries, I will use 18650 10S4P but if I want to buy batteries, how much C I need?

What I bought:

Board Motors ESC BMS Receiver

Samsung 30Q is what 90% of li-ion cells users here use.

Second those , great batteries especially for the price

third those also recommend getting them from lion wholesale if your in the us.

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I’m a bigger guys at 240 lbs so I opted to go with 20700B batteries. I think it ultimately depends on your needs. I needed something that help my fat ass get up some hills. Keep in mind that 20700B’s are more expensive than lets say the 18650 30Q’s. So they’re not necessarily practical for budget minded builds.

Which 20700B’s did you use exactly? I see these taking off soon and would like to scope out the options for it

I’m not sure actually. I thought Sanyo was the only company making them. They say they are 4000mah batteries but they all measure 4250mah. The information out there is a little bit confusing about it. Needless to say I digress since I’m not the builder of the battery. @Kaly is building my battery, enclosure etc… he’d be able to clarify things. My battery should be ready around the first of October right around the same time my Kaly gear drives will be in :slight_smile: I can’t wait.

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Let me clarify a statement. There are other 20700 batteries out there but the 20700B I think it is exclusively Sanyo.


I see. Alright thanks for the info I plan on having my build upgradeable to those larger cells when I do decide to start using them

At 4250mah capacity per cell on my 12s4p I’m getting from Kaly that will be 856.8wh of power :slight_smile:

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hot damn :o

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hey im 2hundo+ also, 30q wont sweat it. if you can fit more batteries fit more. mtb heavy :smiley:

all things considerd i dont see a real benefit in sanyo 20700B, for the pricetag that you can get them. In the end your riding style, terrain and body weight are more important for what type battery you need. Since i assume you live in Turkey it is probably quite hilly with fked up streets, sorchiing summers and rainy and cold winter. The good thing about a mountainboard is that you have a ton of space on top for a weather sealed box, so you can make a big battery and actually have a wider range of choice for your battery.