I need help with a new esk8

I am new to this stuff, I have read some posts and I know some things now but I can’t choose parts for my new build and that is were I need help. I have a budget of 400$, I already have a deck , i weight about 105 lbs, i want it to have a range of at least 10 km,to be able to climb inclines about 30% and have at least a top speed of 25 kph.

Motor Turnigy 6374 KV Hobbyking $92 Motor mount @Idea $20 Pulley kit @Titoxd10001 $ 20 Zippy Lipos 8S 25C 5800mAh Hobbyking $66 VESC @torqueboards $ 100 Belt from VBeltsupply $ 8 Mini Remote from Aliexpress $ 30

Then a charger Xt90 clips Wire Solder Flywheels because it will be hard to mount the pulley with out it