I need help with my BMS

Hi! I’ve built a 3S1P battery pack that I was gonna use for different kinds of electronics projects but the BMS doesn’t want to work properly.

Here’s a picture of it all:

When messuring between the thick black and red wires I get the total 12V (well, 10.5 volts as all three cells are at 3.5V atm).

But when i messure between the thick black wire and the B+ terminal on the BMS I get 6.6 volts. When connecting the thick red wire to B+ and messure between the thick red and black again, I also get 6.6V. As soon as I disconnect the red wire I get 10.5V between the red and black again.

What’s going on? Is my BMS broken? When all is connected correctly and I messure between the P+ and P- terminals, I get 6.0V. That’s also very strange.

I’ve checked all wires without the BMS and everything is correct. Please help me out all you good people! :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a new BMS, but it still would be nice fix the problem with this one! :slight_smile: