I NEED Help With My First E-Board | Dual Drive Motor | 25 MPH - 15 MILES

Hey Guys,

I recently started to get into the idea of an electric skateboard after watching several videos on YouTube about the boosted board and others such as the Stary and Inboard M1. After doing further research i realised i could build my own so similar or higher price with better specs.

Here is where i need your help, i’ve been doing some research into Batteries, Motors, Motor mounts and so on, and i am getting confused with all this information. I understand some of it and i understand the main components of what the board needs. What i need to know is, what pieces do i need in order to build my dream board.

I currently have a Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 board, Orangatang Kegel 80mm Wheels, Paris Longboard Trucks: V2 180mm. This setup is designed for the “Alien Drive Systems Electric longboard DIY Kit” that fits onto the trucks. They have one for 50mm motor and one for 63mm motor;


Pretty much…

what i want from my board is a Dual Rear Drive motor system with the specs of;

  • 25 - 30 MPH
  • 12 - 15 Miles Range
  • 10 - 15% Hill Grade (if possible. I have read that dual motors is best for hilly areas. Where i live has very long and step hills)
  • Regenerative braking (especially for when going downhill)

I just want to know what bits i need for this to happen and is it even possible.

What motors and batteries are needed? I understand i will need 2 ESC/VESC for each motor.

what Transmitter, Battery charger, Cable connecters are ideal? and what am i missing?

I am going for a boosted board style (which explains the board choice). And i have read that Li-ion batteries have more benefits than lipo batteries.

If you guys could help me i’d greatly appreciate it. Any thoughts, recommendations, links to parts, links to more information would be appreciated too as i don’t mind gaining more knowledge. ( i have read the main guides on this forum about batteries, best type of board, common used parts etc.)

Oh, also my budget is around £1000 (but can go over), so any parts close to UK would be greatly appreciated due to shipping and wait time etc.


^^ here is a good place to start.

i have read these a few times but still am a little confused.

okay, maybe check out the Builds section of this forum and see what parts other guys are using. There are quite a few vangaurd builds.


@Raf 25-30mph is a pretty ambitious (and dangerous) speed to aim for. It’s possible, but I suggest trying out 15mph on an esk8 before you decide that this is your actual goal.

In any case, I don’t recommend trying to go that fast in a flexy deck. Get something stiff.

thanks, with the deck i think i am going to stiffen it up a bit with CF, I’ve seen a few vanguard board go this speed with no problems but i will definitely start out slow 18-20 and as i get more comfortable, ill move up

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