I Need Help With My Wiring Diagram | Dual Motor | LiPo SERIES

Hey, can you guys help me with my wiring diagram. I’ve made a start but have gotten stuck and don’t want to be making the wrong diagram.

Heres what i got so far…

Could you also let me know what i am missing from this?



Are you just curious on how to wire the antispark switch to the VESC’s? Everything looks good so far, I am not an expert with the VESC so someone would have to confirm the canbus connection.

You dont plug both VESCs into the receiver unless your doing a split servo kind of setup. Since he’s using the CAN bus he only needs to plug the receiver into 1 (master) VESC.


just curious on how to wire both vescs to the battery source with the watt meter and anti spark switch

You take the wires from the switch and wire them to an xt60 connector that goes splits to 2 xt60 connectors, I did my best to draw it here (quick)

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can i use xt90 connectors?

Yes, dosnt matter

how do split the wires so that they go to the vesc and watt meter? (sorry for the noob question)

cut away some of the silicone insulation and solder on the wires, make sure to reinsulate.

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Yes exactly what @Jinra said

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To wire the two vescs I can use a “xt90 y harness” right?


Yes would work perfectly



Okay so i have updated the diagram. After doing some further research i noticed another style of wiring. Could you please let me know which one is correct?

Verseion 1

Version 2

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Depends what type of switch/anti spark you have. If you have a xt90 anti spark plug from hobby King then the second diagram is what you want. If you have something like a vedders anti spark switch or torqueboards switch, the first diagram is for that.

Also you probably don’t need the LED since the watt meter will turn on when the board is on anyway

You are going to want version 1

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okay thanks, I am planning on using vedders antis spark. And as for the watt meter i think i am just going to use it to configure the settings so i can decide the max/min watt/amp/volt output and once i have it all figured out i will probably take it out

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another question i have is how do i wire the meter. It has two wires coming out of each side (2 red 2 black). Do i just wire on red and one black from one side and the leave the other two?


That’s an inline watt meter. You basically snip the red and black wires on your diagram and throw the meter in between, similarly to your vedder switch.

so like this…

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