I need new parts for a setup I screwed up

Hey there, new builder here. A while ago I bought the parts for my first electric board utilizing:

2x5s lipos in series

And a 260kV motor

After burning through two cheap ESCs, I decided to take the plunge and get a VESC (an Enertion Focbox). After a lot of struggling, I was told that my motor was too high kV for my batteries when using the Focbox. So, two main questions:

  1. What part would be easiest to replace to get this setup working? Could I replace the motor with a 190kV such as this one? http://www.michobby.com/product/maytech-6355-190kv-brushless-outrunner-motor-for-electric-skateboardse-bike/

  2. I was also told by Enertion support that I would need to halve the max battery amperage parameter when configuring my vesc because I have two batteries in series (I would have to bring it down from 60A to 30A — 60A being the max current of the Focbox). Is this true? My understanding was that the vesc+motor should pull 60A irrelevant of what the battery configuration is (and that those batteries should support that discharge rate).

Thanks for the help

For that price you might as well get a tried and true motor from DIYES, APS, Ollin, or another SK3. For a single drive I recommend a 6374 motor instead.

No you only have to halve currents for dual VESC setups.

If you only want a single motor, then go with a 6374. (also if you’re 200+ pounds go with this)


If you want to potentially go dual and not upgrade trucks, then stick with a 6355.