I need some help connecting my motor to my vesc and my vesc to my receiver

So these came with my motor. Not sure what they are. The motor wires don’t fit into them.

Thank You for the help.

I used a motor by @onloop and a vesc by @chaka

show a picture of the vesc…


I don’t have a VESC yet (soon :imp:) but I have ESCs with small bullet connectors and I guess 8-10 awg wire, @onloop 's awesome and tough R-Spec motors come with big bullet connectors and 12 awg wire (big wire).

Your motor has a male connector, @onloop provides you with the additional (big) female connector, the one you’re holding. I also had some spare small male connectors so, what I did was to immediately solder them together to make an adapter, here are some pics.

When they are connected you can’t see what’s going on, also I applied some tape to hold the adapter to the motor wire but I removed that on one to show you.

I hope this makes sense to you, and that you have everything you need for soldering and small male bullet connectors, otherwise you need to order them.

The other option if you don’t want to make an adapter, would be to cut the wire on the other end so your small female connector comes off and solder the big female connector on the wire itself.

Tip: make sure they’re well soldered or the current that will pass through them will heat them and they will desolder while you’re running :wink:

To quote longhaired boy - Christ on a cracker…soooo much e tape!!!

Enertion motors ( at least mine )R- specs come with 3x 5mm plugs (male)

If you want beefy connections

You need 3x female for the VESC or your ESC of choice.

Most RC ESCs come with 4mm “banana” female plugs.

If you use RC ESC you need to adapt the motor plugs and change them from 5mm to 4 or add resistance to the system by making an adapter cable with a 4 mm male on one end and a 5 mm female on the other. However at that point you have all the parts and no adapter required… resoldering the connections takes all of 2 min.

When your VESC gets there solder the female 5mm connectors ( first picture ) onto the three motor leads.

Also heatshrink is your friend- order like 6-8 meters worth - like 10 bucks at hobbyking or wherever- works on our boards and and other e- projects and doesn’t leave that shitty tack residue all over- added bonus - makes your stuff look pro.

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hahaha so true! I’m still waiting for a heatshrink set I ordered from amazon because the local shop (Maplin) sells it for a crazy amount, like 18 usd equivalent for 3 meters

Also yes, @eskateking adapters may be useful to test but for your final build, if all of your stuff works and you don’t need to return it back you want to have big connectors everywhere for maximum current-transfer and reliability as @monkey32 wisely said

Direct soldering of the wires is the norm for me. Cheap weller soldering gun and no more connectors. Besides solder connections makes the system more efficient.

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Not here yet. I got the one with 5.5 mm bullet connectors motor side and xt-60 connector battery side.

So what you guys are saying is that I need to solder the end of the connector shown in picture 2 (mine) to these motor wires.

No, solder the piece shown in this threads pic 1,2,3 to one of the three motor wires coming out of your VESC when u get it, unless it already has 5mm connectors. If the connectors are aleady on the the VESC then you are set and you can toss this in a box - plug stuff together and ride.

If the motor side of vesc has no connectors you will need to solder one onto the side of the VESC with three wires. Solder one female end to each of the three wires…this will be the easiest way.

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OK thank you @monkey32. I got the one from Ollin board CO with 5.5 mm bullet connectors so I should be good to [quote=“monkey32, post:10, topic:2642”] toss this in a box - plug stuff together and ride. [/quote]

Ok so I have this receiver from @onloop. I need to connect it to my vesc from @chaka. How does they connect?

The receiver has two sets of three pins somewhere around the middle of the pcb. You need to connect one set of three pins with the pwm input on the vesc. Beware of polarity, which is marked on the pcb as well as the vesc. Schematic:

So vesc from @chaka or ollin board company came. Very disappointed. It doesn’t fit. I got the one with 5.5 mm bullet connectors motor side and XT-60 connector battery side like he @chaka recommended. It does not fit.

@eskateking That’s because they both have the male ends included and plugged into the ends. Pull on the end piece of Chakas parts…he included both male and female…you needed ( so you don’t have to buy half the plugs, just solder.

you mean the bullet connector of the vesc

and what about the battery

Both. The XT 60 connector has the male end plugged in. Give it a good pull. The male end will slide out and u will be able to plug in the battery. Same thing with the motor wires, the male ends are plugged in…maybe pull them with pliers

No offense but judging by your questions I’d advise you to read up thuroughly on how to set up and configure your vesc . Search keywords VESC FAQ. Otherwise you might end up even more disappointed.


This was obviously a joke right?