I need someone to make me a battery and enclosure for this deck under 260

i need at least 10 mile range the deck is a stiff deck https://www.amazon.com/Yocaher-Longboard-Complete-Available-Deck-DropDown-Blue/dp/B07CMM65RD/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

Link to the deck?

Much better. I can recommend a better and cheaper deck if you haven’t already bought that thing.

havent bought it yet its for enertion hubs and trucks

So no more Tb motors then I guess :sweat_smile:

yup they both flopped on me

I have a buddy selling a raptor deck and enclosure that would match those trucks nicely. $150 for both.

I still don’t think your budget is realistic in any of the threads you’ve started, except the meepo.

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You’d likely want a 10s3p 30qs. 12wh/km will give you almost 17 miles. Again budget isn’t very realistic.

  • cells: $135
  • bms: $30
  • misc parts: $
  • labour fee: $$$

repeat from last thread

  • cheap enclosure: $10 from ikea

you do the math this time :slight_smile:


I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before…


@venom121212 do you know how to make battery packs?

Learning but I don’t have a spot welder yet.

if your able to my i could buy the cells and my maker space has one

Sorry bud not one bit interested. I wouldn’t make something that can explode into flames if done incorrectly for someone other than myself. Just buy the meepo man. It’s the best option.


Don’t forget nobody is going to build your battery for free :stuck_out_tongue: … however (calling on @Dirt_Bag) prolly makes the cheapest packs around.

dang it i asked him and he said 350

For what size and configuration battery?

he said he has it any config 10s4p

Thats a solid price for a 10s4p lol. 30qs? Like I said earlier maybe a 10s3p may cater to your budget better.

he only has 10s4p and up

Right, I was quoted at ~$250 for a 10s3p. Battery is something you certainly don’t want to skimp on.


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poor guy im either doing build kit boards or meepo in kit form 700 is pretty tight