I need to fix my esk8

Doesn’t do hills. At all. Maybe if attack it at top speed, (21mph / 33kmph) it will make it up a 5° 50 meter hill and slows to 5mph.

It’s performance is so lackluster, I’ve only ridden it about 6 times in a couple months.

*I’m planning on building a dual drive top mount with 109mm e-fly wheels or maybe six shooters if I ever make up my mind what I really want aside from gobs of torque and 25+ mph.

In the meantime, I really need to fix this pig of a turd. Questions:

  1. What kind of lipstick do I need?
  2. What polish is best?

Seriously though, I know that the gear ratio needs to be changed at the very least.

I think the motor might be a big part of the problem also.

I’ve access to a meter, but don’t really know what values I should be looking for as far as testing it’s resistance.

I mistakenly read the claimed hill climbing estimation the seller had included in the for sale ad.

Specs below. I read it as 15°, but it clearly says 15%, which is around 8.5°. It won’t do that I’m sure. Fwiw, I’m 190 pounds 86kg.

It is what it is, untill I fix it.

Specs pasted from the for sale ad:

Sk3 6364 245kv LG 6s4p 10Ah (w/ built-in BMS) VESC 4.12 Flywheels clones 83mm 78a 3D Printed Enclosure (100% infill of PETG; decently waterproofed for riding in rain but not puddles) Caliber II 50 trucks 2.4 GHz Winning Remote TB anti-spark toggle switch with blue LED on/off button 6S intelligent charger Enertion motor mount 16/36 gear ratio, 12mm HTD 5M belt

~22mph and hill climb ~15%. 12mm belt eliminates belt skipping and adds to increased torque for bombing hills. Range of this bad boy is about ~12-15 miles in one charge.

Wow! Didn’t mean to write an essay, ¡sorry!

Maybe pics will help.

Crap, I’m not done talking yet.

Probably irrelevant, but if you made it this far you must like to read😂

On a side note, I’ve flipped all the components around, because it was losing power periodically when riding it.

The battery pack was spanning across the bms, and the tx and the caps were contacting the enclosure in a destructive way at every bump in the road.

Essentially, it was built upside down IMO.

It’s now right side up…batteries at roadside, esc/bms/tx/and anti spark at board side. No loss of power anymore.

All I hope to achieve is a board i can ride at 15-18mph to the quickie-mart for alcohol and or tobacco, or to get a coffee depending on what time of day it is.

Oh, and make it back home up a couple of wannabe hills. Thanks for reading!

well here is the issues, I think u know the gear ratio already, battery needs too be at least 8s. im not sure if u have welder, but u can make 8s3p and get bms. it will do ur favor for a while. and have u fiddled with vesc yet?

very interesting build tho, especially thos cork riser

I reckon for the most part you could fix it with VESC settings. Because VESC is current controlled it slowed down a lot going up hills that my xcar beast would just slay. I set my VESC to 100A motor max from memory.

Haha… I used what I had around the house, hot glue and 1/8" cork sheet. Its actually really solid.

I’ve got someone that can help me out with checking the vesc settings so that’s my first step.

I’ll try to find someone local-ish with a spot welder and redo the battery in a 8s 3p, and get a compatible bms.

And a gearing change.

Sounds like those three items should get it tuned up, at least so I can ride it and sell it easily later.

Edit: I’m 1-1/2 hours away from SF Bay Area. If anyone has a spot welder that’s willing to help me out rebuilding this battery let me know please.

Thanks for the help…