I Need your expert advise

My current setup

41 deck from ebay 6" dual 5065 270kv all terrain from diyeboard 16/72t Flipsky dual 4.20 Battery- 10S5P 50amp max

Im planning to upgrade the motors to a lower KV. I want more torque. Dual 5065 270kv the torque is bad plus my erpm is limited to 60k. only cruise between 15/20 miles beyond that is insane! One option in mind Racestar 5065 140kv or 63xx 170kv. I know im limited on my battery amp 50 max. Which one is the better option interns of torque/heat 5065 140kv or 63xx 170/180kv? Pardon my english. Thanks!

Have you thought of changing the gear ratios to give more torque?

hub teeth counts 72t to 60t? What would you suggest? Thanks!

@hyperIon1 has 220kv and 170kv 5065 motors available. I think hes clearing out some stock so they might be going on sale. He’s currently selling all his Evolve upgrade inventory at 40% off.

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a couple of 190 kv 6355’s would be fine for that gearing. you sacrifice alot of speed with 170 or lower. my current MTB build has dual 6374’s 190kv and has lots of torque on an old 8s lipo. at 10s i imagine 6355’s would be a huge upgrade. the price of 2 flipsky 6355’s is $120, or you could go with dual 6374’s if you have the money. its only $180

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It also depends if his mounts will work for both 50xx and 63xx motors. I highly doubt the diyeboard mounts do. Plus he probably can’t go any longer than xx65 since the mounts are fixed and dont have much space between motors as is.

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Thanks! I will be purchasing mount from dickyho 50/63. My only concern my battery max amp 50 able handle 63xx motors?

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50 amps per motor? or for both? my street board has dual 6355’s and a motor max of 25a each. they do fine, especially for teaching beginers how to ride. if you want full potential i would recommend 50 per motor or 100a total

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Thank you! 63xx motor it is😁