I need your help with my build

HI i want your help with my build.I have 1500€ and i need someone to give me a full list with the things i will need and the links to make a mountain board…i already did a list but i need your help too.the build i want u to recomend me it must fit with the trucks and wheels i have in my list.

my list…not sure if i need to change something: trampa infinity atb trucks x2 trampa 8inch hypa wheels x4 esc focbox unity x1 enertion nano x controller x1 6s 6200mah lipo battery 40c x2 or x4 6374 192kv motor x2 motor mount kit i will buy it from @Idea

thats the build i came up i dont know if its good so thats why i want someone to make me a full list with everything i need and where i can buy it from.thnx a lot for your time i am looking forword to see your answers

What’s wrong with your list? Maybe just add some links of the components you already choose and we can say you if it’s good or not?

Different people would recommend you different lists.

For motors and batteries hobbyking is a good start point. There you can also get all the cables connectors and other tiny stuff you will need.

Maybe also to use an other remote than the nano x.

Which gearing you will go for? Which terrain you want to drive in? 190kV could be too much depending on what you looking for.

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One hour visited.

Buy a metro board if you can’t be bothered to read and learn, your board will never work.


Maybe take a look at this thread. These are good parts, good prices and in my experience great sellers. Everything is together in a kit, but for the small fee it may be better for you to go the prebuilt option they offer.

Good luck.

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this is a diy forum where people are happy to help. this is not a forum where people design your board for you because you cant be bothered to do the research yourself correctly


Yeah, we are more than happy to grade your homework and find mistakes, but we won’t write your essays for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suggest finding a deck and enclosure, that will give you an idea of how much space you have for batteries.


Are you in Greece?

1500€ will probably not be enough for a mountain board.

You are fortunate to have caught the attention of 2 of the primo emtb guys here to be honest and that means you now need to do some work to justify their time.
Link what you want to use and then think about what you might need to get it all to work together. Do you know how to link sites? Not an insult, just an inquiry. The best thing to do is to find a build thread that most covers what you want to build and study it. Ask your questions of the builder. Find out what mistakes he made and how he corrected them.
Good luck my friend.


Gearing is going to be 15t on motor and 62t on wheel.i want to ride it off road but also be able to take in on the street.thnx a lot for your reply

Beacuse i just made the account doesn’t mean i am not doing my research…also why are so negative i dont get it?if you dont want to answer in what i asked for help dont answer at all;)

Don’t mind him. He is a good lad, sometimes he gets gets bitchy because he has no nipples.


After reading your post it almost sound to me like you’re demanding a list of parts to build your board! As stated by someone else here. People are more than happy to HELP you just need to ask politely Good luck brother

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Thank you, you’re amazing!

Yep i from greece thessaloniki!!also why do u think 1500 wont be enough?do u have fb so i can ask h skne queations from there?

Sorry bro, I don’t do Facebook. I am in Athens.

The reason I wrote 1500€ might not be enough is that a lot of items (eg unity) come outside the EU and with import taxes etc they end up costing a lot more.

Plus some of the items in your list are not a good choice for a eMTB (eg hypa hubs)

I am realy sorry to hear that ppl see my post this way i never tryed to insult anyone i just was in hurry:(


Is there any other way to talk with u so we wont have to talk in this post

Also can u suggest me some other wheels

Either pm or I can send you my phone tomorrow.

No worries brother. I’m just trying to help!!