I need your opinions on this, scammer?

Someone offered to sell me Hummie deck, things did not go as planned. Did I do something wrong? Could I have handled this better? Read from bottom up please. image image image image

Just leave it and take part in the indiegogo campaign or the groupbuy by hummie.

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You’re probably right about that. I just didn’t want to wait for it, cuz it’s taking a really long time and will be even longer.

What is this person’s username? Where did they buy it? It would either be from me or Hummie.

carl123 https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/u/carl123 Seems like a new user

Not someone who has bought from me so I can’t vouch for them. There seems like there will be a lot of options soon for this type of deck. Where are you based?

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I live in Florida, US

Did you not ask @torqueboards if they had one of their old samples loafing?

I think he did, but I don’t know if the arc v2 fits the cutout cuz he said that it was different


This pops out immediately after searching for his name on Google.

Major red flag I reckon.

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Thank GOD I didn’t send him amazon gift card. He would’ve just taken my money.

I would say that the enclosure (from me) will fit the board as it will be made on the same mould. You just won’t be able to capitalise on the extra cutout on the deck if you see what I mean?

Yea I see what you mean. So that’s why I decided only to get Hummie. Also wanted to ask you something. The arc v2 by psychotiller is plastic right? Is your fiberglass enclosure considered to be better?

It’s not really for me to say. I like them, but the I would say that wouldn’t I! Plastic ones you can form to the deck if the enclosure is not fitting well, but Is use specific enclosures for specific decks. The smallest enclosure for the Hummie deck I make will fit a well made 10s5p. The biggest one can fit a cat in it. (quite a big cat)


Perfect, I actually needed a place to put my cat

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