I Really Like My Graupner 80amp ESC

https://www.graupnerusa.com/BRUSHLESS-CONTROL-±T-80A-HV-ESC—BEC-Telemetry.html esc

I realize most of y’all don’t know me, so I don;t expect y’all to place much value on my ESC recommendation. So, If you are in the Atlanta area, and want to try it on your kit, hit me up and I’ll meet you and let you take it for a spin.

A Graupner ESC with a Turnigy SK3 192KV motor and a 10S battery is a whole lot of power.

I put it with a 3000 Watt hub motor from that miami boards cat , and it rides like a damn Cadillac , it even makes a muffled gurgled beep, like a flying car on the Jetsons.

It you’re around the ATL and want to try my Graupner ESC, let me know.

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have you tried the VESC? Id be interested if the throttle and brake curves were similar

Why choose that esc when a Vesc can be bought for the same price or cheaper?

Which advantage this one should have over a vesc based esc like this for example

It’s about the same price, at the moment as group buy even more cheap with 120$. If I have seen right in your esc is a build in BEC which would enable us to add lights, horn etc. up to 8V. Is this right?

I’ve had five VESC type ESCs, I find the Graupner to be more responsive accelerating and very similar in braking. I use my Graupner on the lowest settings for torque and acceleration.

80 amps :slight_smile:

  • I would love an 80 amp VESC.

  • With the VESC type ESC, there are a lot of variants in the designs,

  • which can be problematic.

  • I have bought VESC type controllers from three different vendors,

  • and each one is different.

  • The VESC documentation is scattered all over the Internet .

  • I like the heat sinks and hard case,

  • the FOCBox has adopted that in their design.

  • With a VESC, I always need a 12S battery, with the 80amp Graupner,

  • an 8S works well, and a 12S is almost too much.

  • I’ve never had the throttle wide open with the Graupner,

  • with a VESC, it is always wide open.

  • A programming card is very nice, I hate having to plug my Laptop in to adjust a VESC.

  • This is a solid product, I’ve had no problems of any kind…