I really need a kicktail!

Ok, I really really really need a kicktail on my board.

I can’t believe how restrictive the flat rear is on this longboard. I have to get off the board, lift it up and turn around tight corners. It make me feel like such a dork. So:

Does a kickball longboard exist where its possible to use 100mm MBS wheels? Preferably one that doesnt look like a duckbilled platypus.

Or will it inevitably mean wider trucks?



plenty more out there too look for freeride/DH decks

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I have a few kicktails and I use 107mm wheels on everything (except a CarbonGT which has 100mm Constrictor wheels)

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that darkside36 is callin man…


Cheers, I just have doubts that 100mm MBS wheels are gonna fit without wheel bite.

What boards do you have that fit those wheels?

I feel ya. :disappointed:

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risers dude or get something like a fattail



Any board will fit them. One of them is a Powell-Peralta Lance Mountain reissue which is 25cm (10") wide with no wheel cutouts and 107mm wheels. Just use a 25mm riser and everything is fine


@telnoi seems to have added a kick tail to his build:(

Oh wait…that might be something else…


Ouch! Cant even imaging how that happened.

woah hope that was not at a fast speed.

This one is great! That’s how a skateboard should look like. Man this one makes me drift in nostalgia and reminds me of the times skaters where a bunch of people on public places practicing disorganized pleasure. Coming over from the escape thread, i feel relieved. Sorry for being off topic, but can you share a picture from under the board.

It’s a commercial board actually, I just put it on a better deck. (2017 Metroboard Shortboard)

Best commuter board I’ve found. A huge tail can certainly work with 107mm wheels…


that is sick dude, I really want to ride that!

Get a spud 29, TB 218 trucks and S2 bindings…cheap and functional and a metric shit ton of fun :grinning:


That’s my edgie dad build! My sons little buddies at the skate park go bat shit for it!

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how is your build doing i remember hearing after it was completed its quite a rocket!

Which one :grinning:. If you mean the spud 29, I wasn’t happy with it so tore it down for parts. I’m in the process of building a new one with 10s4p pack, 200kv motors on dual FocBoxes using MBS Matrix 2 trucks on @okp risers. Should be fun :grinning:.

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i really like my double kick skateshred drop through