I really need a kicktail!

I was just planning a build based on an old school deck. Yours make me confident in pursuing this. Sadly over here the Powell Peralta deck’s are more then 250$ I also have a diyeboard 10S5P battery lying around, which I don’t use anymore cause of lacking quality. But the battery will come in handy for this build which I plan to use on rainy days where I have to hop on public transportation.


That’s my little old Metroboard. I replaced the battery just last summer and have barely ridden it maybe 10 times. It sure it fun and super reliable though. It’s also signed by some of the Etnies guys that I ran into including Ryan Schechler sp?


Mine is radio control [with the mini remote] and actually I use it the most of any board I have, whenever 5000mAh is enough, I usually take that one.

How did you upload the webm file?

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I copied the video url address. So it is not hosted by eSk8.builders…

Did you just upload the link?

on a pc…

  1. right click
  2. copy video url
  3. right click
  4. paste

riding a Loaded Overland deck, ok tail but too much flex for me, my new deck arrived yesterday, tail is amazing




Also the Arbor Backlash is my go to…it’s like a couch with a kicktail

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You can also bolt on a kicktail from Venom I believe


Mmmmm brightside


Testing phase still, my plan is to fully integrate everything:

30“ Quinboards Mini Me, 70mm wheels (Dyed Abec grippins 75A)


I just bought one of these Lush 3D boards. 38.5 inch, however Ive just read somewhere that the gap between trucks might be smaller than I need!

I need to fit a 10s4p Under here (laid out one cell thick). What are you running?

thats called wheelbase

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distance between trucks is max 25.3” / 64cm I use a 10s5p from http://diyeboard.com the rocker makes the clearance a little iffy to say the least BUT having a tail I’ve only scraped it the first time i used it - best of all this deck with a 10s5p still has good pop, skated for 37+ years and this is one of my fav. decks

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Nice one! Looking forward to getting the new deck in the post. I do, however, see that your 10s5p is two layers thick… thats why it fits. My 10s4p is thin, flat. I dont think the enclosure I currently

have is going to fit. I may have to chop a piece from the middle of my original @bigben enclosure to make it fit, then try to join the two halves with fiberglass. I’ll also have to try to move BMS on top of battery to get the space I’ll need. I’ll know better when I have the deck. I think it’ll be worth it to get away from this cheap Osprey deck and onto the Lush with a kicktail.

Has anyone mentioned the Venom Sicktail? If you want you can just bolt one on in the meantime if your current setup meets all your other requirements.

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I suspect the rocker shape will give you real issues with the length of enc. I used from 10mm foam padding so battery not getting crushed by the rocker shape…

Oh dear… this goes from bad to worse.