I rode a marathon today

26.5 miles on my home built 10S5P machine without a hiccup. I just want to take a second and revel in how cool this sport is, this technology is, and the magic of LiIon batteries :slight_smile:

It’s been a heck of an adventure! Thank you all for taking it with me.


What’s your build specs like?

10S5P I think they’re Toshiba cells single VESC6 Chain drive Turnigy 6374-168 4" rubber (but not pneumatic) tires (edit) Enertion Nano-X remote

It looks like I run about 1Ah/Mile, my last ride, 20 miles, consumed 20.2Ah and that included some fairly significant hills.

I’m still recharging from this run but I’m guessing I’m about at the limit for my battery pack. I’ll report consumption after I’m fully charged.


Nice trek…I will need to see how far I can make it…I have a very similar build.

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Nice. The world record for running a marathon is 2:02:57. Let that sink in :scream:


Cant wait to start riding mine in the Seattle area. Should be finished with the build here soon. I let it stall all winter becuase I was working on my truck.

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That’s at quite an average pace too. How hot did your single-drive get? Please could you post a link to the 4-inch rubber wheels, would be interesting to see them.

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some picks of the board please. :roll_eyes:

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Im always pushing my single 6374 as much as possible and it does not get hot, like the most is 30-35celsius maybe and thats 1:2 gear ration on 75mm wheels

But of course :slight_smile:

Charging on the kitchen table.

Let me know if you want close-ups of anything.


@Bataleon, I have no way to know how hot the drive got. But that particular trail is epically flat so I imagine not very hot. I’ve done some sustained full throttle climbs without a dropout.

The wheels are FrogLegs - wheelchair casters. Unfortunately they don’t sell the ones I have anymore but here’s a link to their page:

I’m working on a dual-motor sister to this board and am looking at a set of these


except they look like crap.

Woah, very unique-looking board and range. I have same battery pack, so we’ll see can i go as far. So far made 30km trips.

Awesome man. Weather is finally getting better.

I did a 27mile group ride, I have a 12s4p and I did the ride np I cruised quite a bit but I was amazed my buddies with modded evolve batteries 10s4p got through the ride too.

My board was fine my legs were not haha


re: My board was fine my legs were not haha

I had to stop 3 times to let my legs rest. Hard to control the board when your back leg starts shaking :slight_smile:

For the numbers nerds the ride consumed 25.675 Amp hours.

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Awesome dude! Definitely a super unique build great work. I love to see other people riding long ranges. I also noticed that my feet go numb after about 8-10 miles making it tough to ride without taking a quick stop.

I think maybe your Amp Hour calculations are off though. Assuming you are using 3,0000 mAH cells, you’r battery would be a 15AH battery.

I haven’t seen many cells with a rating over 3 AH(legit at least…) So unless you stopped somewhere I’ m not sure how you could get 25AH out of any 10s5p battery. Unless maybe it was a typo and your battery is actually bigger?

@Fiori - this wouldn’t be the first time I was bad at math :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right.

So the charger only goes up to 6S so I split the charge port into 2 banks. Bank0 (5S5P) took 12,845 mAH and bank1 (also 5S5P) took 12,830 mAH. So stupidly I summed them but that would be at only half voltage. So the total for the pack at full voltage would be 12,800. I looked it up, the cells are LG HG2 3,000mAH.

Also, if you look closely at the board you’ll notice that in addition to the rubber tires the trucks are mounted aluminum plates that are pivoted at the front and the back floats on 2 big blocks of rubber. This takes most of the smaller vibrations out of the ride. My feet don’t get numb I think because of this.

And while I was out at the website checking out batteries I found these:

4000AH 15A 20700’s (no association)

I’m pretty sure this is my next battery build. Assuming they ever come back into stock.

Why haven’t there been any Seattle group ride?

@DilatedPupils mystery to me :slight_smile:

I was thinking of starting an Eastside Esk8 until I found out it costs $10 a month to have a meetup group.

If we could organize group rides here or somewhere free I’m all in.


Well I’m kinda not available right now, just broke my clavicle the other day. But yeah, there’s quite a number of Washingtonians here. Need an organizer.