I screwed up and bought a Flipsky...now what?

Against the advice of nearly everyone on this site I did a boneheaded move and bought a Flipsky 6.6 FSESC (not to be confused with the Flipsky 6.6 FSESC Plus) anyways.

I have to live with the repercussions of bad buy so please don’t beat this dead horse. In short, my goal was to build a 4WD board and the Flipsky website for the 6.6 FSESC mentions nothing about being unable to support 4WD (but go the the 6.6 ‘plus’ page and it mentions 4WD support), needless to say I spend $550 on FSESC that are useless to me now for my project but here I am trying to salvage something form it which leads me to my question:

I have used the VESC tool (even bought the bronze edition) to program and setup the ESC to connect and ride (setup went smoothly) but when I connect and try to ride the board it won’t go. It just struggles to do anything but when there is no weight on it, it bolts like a cheetah- WTF?

I am either the dumbest person ever or the Flipsy FSESC is shit


did you get two dual 6.6’s or 4 single 6.6’s? they all support 4wd if you know what your talking about lol

with 2 x dual 6.6’s you use split ppm

with 4x 6.6’s you do canbus turning 4 esc basically into 2 dual esc’s than you use split ppm


i think this quote might be accurate

anyways you prob have your board on sensorless mode which requires a kick off


These is nothing wrong with FSESC6.6 except minor voltage sensing issue.


No, I have not tried a kick-off. Didn’t think it was necessary.

I thought that was the purpose of these types of VESC’s - to allow sensorless (which is the type of motor I am using) motors a smooth start-up?

yes sensorless requires kick off sensored does not

smooth meaning the acceleration is not jerky

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And minus the fact that the 6.6 does not support 4WD and the website focusing on the product fails to mention this - that’s a pretty big fuck-up. I’m out $550 because of it.

But it does work though

I just cannot tell you how

Instead, please have this


Absolutely works… so does the search button.


it does support 4wd

you just gotta know how to do it, its preety easy if you were to do a 5 min search

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The Flipsky 6.6 FSESC definitely supports 4 wheel drive.

There are many ways to do this. I recommend having a separate remote receiver for each ESC/motor but there are other ways like Split “PPM” (PWM) and CANBUS.


Feeling artsy, made it a haiku :joy::joy:

I get bored telling people to use the search function the same way everytime :roll_eyes:


Aren’t you missing a syllable in the second line? 5-7-5???

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Please understand the purpose of the post before responding. Thank you

Heh got me. I changed it like 4 times bc I wasn’t happy with it

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well it does show the entire pin out diagram for them… you could have looked at that

I think i like your haiku lol. Its a keeper


It DO NOT support 4WD per Flipsky. To those of you saying do a search. I did, go learn how to spell.


But it so do!!! Because you not know how no means it no work!!!