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I Shorted the Motor Wires Is the VESC & MOTOR Damaged Now

Hi @onloop

just a quick question, I suddenly shorted my vesc, and I noticed that it shorted at the motor connection leads. perhaps the vesc is burnt. Does the motor burnt too? idk haha or anyone might give their opinion? cheers

you can see the burn mark. haha damn im idiot. forgot to put heat shrink. haha lesson learned.

But still, the space cell is still alive.

Does the vesc still work?

yes, I think so. Because there is a blue light at the vesc, but i noticed before it is shorted, there was a yellow light which means the vesc receive signals from the receiver.

Ouh I checked the vesc again and there are blue light and yellow light. Now im a bit confused either the motor, the receiver or vesc damaged.