I should stop building

I should stop building, for to day… So after work, i try finish my battery 10S2P, but i almost set on fire some cells. I was in my hand a set 3S2P, and by mistake, a flex my set and the negative from one cell toutch the positive from other, and the nikel was so red and the cell was so hot:


and after a burn my finger with the solder machine…

I thing is better, restart on weekend, from the mornig and not after work when your head is tired…


be safe, remember to take your time :slight_smile:

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Hey, use some hot glue between all your cells and p groups so it doesn’t flex and you will have a lot less stress on your welds :wink: Its easy to remove if you mess something up


The same rules in poker applies to this. If you’re tilted, stop playing for the day and come back the next.


I’ve wondered about this. I see lots of people say to use silicone to stick P groups together, and other people say hot glue. My vote is hot glue as it cools faster and you can build faster. But it also might shrink and not hold up to vibrations very well. Silicone would dry slower, but maybe absorb a bit of vibration and stick to the cells better?

Yeah I don’t know about others. But Id do the silicone work at night and should be done by the morning

Silicone takes time to dry AND if you ever need to rip cells apart its a pain in the ass to get off the cells if you even can…i like a heavy hand of hot glue

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I used hot glue in my first two packs. I only ever use silicone now though. Yes hot glue takes much less time to dry but it comes unstuck from the cells very easily once you start having vibrations going through the pack.

If you live in a hot climate, hot-glue is not a good idea.

One day you have your board in the trunk of a hot car, the glue would already be soft, then you go for a ride and batteries get hot then your glue is all melted.

Even if it only gets soft this will put more stress on the welds from vibrations.

Guys who build RC planes with hotglue know they can’t put them in a car during summer time.

Sillicone is messy to work with

Im doing some tests on what will be better, sillicone is softer and more flexible But hot glue is also a good option and a lot easier to work with

Its still drying tho, will see this afternoon

Hot glue or sillicon anything is better than nothing

This is a good point and yes i can.see how it could put stress on the welds but i guess I’m also imagining all the extras surrounding the battery that contribute to it rigidity … Most pre fabbed packs are just welded and wrapped…not even glued… But i hope the added kapton tape… Fish paper and shrink wrap layers really squeeze everything together

The hot glue is really just to hold the P group together for welding right? So once it’s welded and the pack is complete it wouldn’t be a problem if the glue came lose? Probably wouldn’t even move enough to come lose