I think I burned out my ESC. Any advice?

Today is a sad day for my board :cold_sweat:. I am using diyelectricskateboards.com’s sensored 6S ESC with a sensored motored. I usually start from a standstill super smooth because of the sensored setup, but I mad the mistake of starting from a standstill going up an incline. The motor struggled and accelerated really slow for about 3 seconds when my motor started beeping. Now my ESC’s fan wont turn on and it isnt powering my remote reciver. The leds on the esc still turn on though. I think it may have fried the built in sbec and fan. FYI the batteries, motor, and esc, were not hot at all. No smoke or bad smell. Any thoughts?

Try connecting your receiver to an external power source to see if it indeed only is the sbec.

just buy a new one. There relatively cheap.


I wonder why the SBEC would fry due to motor load?

Not sure if i want to buy a new one or if I should go with a vesc. Im thinking ill buy a vesc from enertion. ill do some research