I think I just f#cked up my Kaly, and I'm lost and don't understand anything

Note, this board was not purchased from Ernesto, but a DIY Kaly I bought here on the forum. The build log for this board is right here:

It was running perfectly fine for over a month up until last week when it just died on me. My friend was riding it when all of a sudden it wouldn’t connect to the remote. I thought the batteries in it died, so I replaced them only to find out it didn’t. Then the remote wasn’t powering on because the batteries weren’t connecting all the way in it’s compartment to touch the positive and negative side, which I ended up breaking a piece off to try to make them connect. So whether or not the remote was a problem to begin with, it ended up being one.

But I did buy a new Thumb remote from torqueboards that arrived today. An hour ago when I was looking inside the board, I had one vesc unplugged from the anti spark swich. Well when the board was on, I ended up plugging it in and I heard a spark, and now no vescs will power on. So I’m not sure if I just fried both of them? I’m so lost right now and don’t know where to begin. Located in the bay area, would love to meetup with someone to receive help in person if possible please.

Did you check the ESCs?

Y-PPM or CAN-Bus setup?

Master is written on one of the vescs, which probably means canbus was used. This thread contains all the info you need if that is the case.

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Hey @ItsJinvy sounds like you got caught out the same way I did. How are your soldering skills? Mine were awful at the time (they’re much better now) and I managed to remove both canbus transceiver chips and the VESCs worked straight away. Be careful if you’re not experienced though as I basically chopped the legs off mine and then removed the legs after and ended up losing a pad in the process which will make it tricky to put them back on if ever I decided I wanted to. They work fine running in series with the split Y PPM cable but it will mean you lose traction control (if that was enabled) but most people can’t tell the difference. It isn’t really recommended to run split PPM but a lot of people do an mine work the same after the mod.

If you’re soldering is not good you could always buy the new chips (see linked thread) and take them into a computer shop or anyone who specialises in SMD repairs and just have them both replaced. I would imagine this is the only damage and you’ll be back in action. There may even be someone in your area from the community who can help.

Good luck! Here if I can help in any way.


Thank you so much! I just saw a link to your post above. I’m honestly in such a money pit right now I feel. This is actually my second Kaly which is down. Today while riding my other Kaly, I took a first nasty fall, and I’ve been riding for almost two years now. Fell going around 25 to 30mph…

It hurts like a bitch, and I’m honestly thinking of selling them which I really don’t want to do. The one I fell on still works, but it feels shaky and unstable now :frowning:


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I did, they aren’t powering on

Did you remove the chips and replace them? Or just remove the chips?

Sounds to me like you killed the antispark… Or canbus…

Please wear pads. Hope you feel better.

Check for faults on vesc terminal if they can connect to ur computer

It wont connect to my computer

Not even sure, I kind of just want to sell it. And will do

If it doesn’t even turn on it’s definitely not a drv issue. I’d assume you can’t revive it. Sorry for the harsh news but that’s probably the case. @drvwizard any input

Hey, I’m sorry to hear of your injuries. I recently fell on my eMTB wearing full pads and still managed to fracture my pelvis! Hurts. Like. A. Bitch. But you gotta get back on the horse brother! Each time you fall, you learn. Just be sure to buy the right protection and try and avoid the same mistakes in future.

Ref, the canbus chips - yeah I just removed them, plugged the VESCs back in and they worked. Have you removed the canbus cable connecting them too? Like the others hear have suggested, ensure you’ve not blown a fuse or something too. Are the VESCs soldered together or can you check them independantly?


Damn! How is your pelvis now?

I see, I haven’t unplugged anything actually. I don’t even know where all the cords and cables are going too, its so overwhelming! And I’m not sure how to check if I’ve blown a fuse. I can check them independently. I’ve been riding for almost two years, but I’ve got no idea how everything works. I would just need to take those off you think? Everything like disconnected, and I updated the Vesc X’s before it happened. I don’t know all the settings and stuff to make in the Vesc tool and stuff afterwards unfortunately. This was just a cool board I saw and I wanted it and it was awesome

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Thanks @ItsJinvy - it’s getting much better, but still hurts when I fall. I love freestyle too much which means I fall alot! But grass is way more forgiving than concrete! :slight_smile:

Can you post some pictures of your VESCs so we can diagnose? We can likely help you fault find obvious stuff remotely.

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Glad to hear Dan!

Haha yeah that pavement was rough, cracked my TSG Pass so I’m glad I had that on!

Board was on unfortunately when I connected an anti spark switch from the battery (or wherever the other end leads to) to the Vesc and all hell went loose :frowning:

Pics below. Hope it helps:

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Strange that Kaly has one upside down, I’m guessing that’s so the motor wires line up symetrically. have a look at the pic below from another thread here:


That’s the cable connecting the 2 FOCBOXs which you need to remove. You say you’ve removed the chips already?

I think one is upside down to help them both fit inside the enclosure. I’ll remove that cable right now. And I have not removed those chips yet nor opened it up