I think I made the fastest pintail board on earth

Been moving, pretty busy. I think I can make this claim.

The ride I made for my non diy buddy is real fast. It’s not just capable on paper (or esk8 calc) , but it’s actually in the right hands do damage on earth.

I dunno, fight me, I think I’m right.


Dunno man, whats your top speed?

He does high 30s on double kingpins with slop bushings. I tell him daily, “this is how you get cancer”.

My top speed is high 40s, I catch him on straight flats, but he gives zero f’s about traffic, turns, or lights.

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Km or mph? this thing is fast. I have seen this thing go at a groupride and it caught everybody’s eyes

The only other pintail esk8 I have come across is the teamgee so reckon you’re bang on the money. Big claim and I expect a lot of testosterone will be displayed before this is over but I bet none of them read the bloody title. Looks like a beast and sounds like a proper board. Nice job

Psst, that’s nothing compared to what this guy does @ARetardedPillow on dkp :rofl:

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This post is half aimed at generating ammo to egg him on to racing again. evoheyax and MoeStooge are legit fast. They just don’t ride flexy pintails. :man_shrugging:

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I love DKP but mixed with high 30s is a no-no

My newest is DKP with slop bushings front with 23 degree RKP rear, and I’d do high 30s on that

I strongly disagree, I ride 40+ on dkps daily


Look, humble dude here with a buddy who Needs esk8 as a form of therapy.

If it’s top speed you want, we will go find a radar sign and force him on stable trucks.

If it’s all round maneuverability, I’ll fix my damn Rylo and track a real fast run when I get my 4wd raceboard moving again. I’ve been on a bendy trampa lately because… I’m lazy.

Also, I’m trying like hell to drag him to Colorado

That is retarded. :wink: :+1:

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Not if you know what you’re doing… I’ve been riding DKPs for more than 3 years and I can tell you that the limit is not within the trucks but the rider


That’s exactly what he would say. Please post some pics and video or direct me to it.

@b264 hence, the cancer warning.

I can prove it for @ARetardedPillow even though I don’t think he wants approval, @Arzamenable he smoked me while I was on a beefed up raptor 2 no competition

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So it was almost as good as a Raptor 1 then?


@b264 Just a raptor 2 with higher settings, around 80motor/45batt per motor

And @AlanZhou haha I don’t really look for approval but thanks, most of the time people don’t believe what others say unless they see it in person


Gentle prodding here. The big dicks only actually matter on the track. Also why does nyc have so many fast dudes? It sucks to exist there in shorts like 40% of the year?!

Huh? WDYM lol

@ARetardedPillow come to Colorado. It’s halfway! :joy:

Also riding on the track is nothing compared to riding on street, I would say if you ride fast on track then you’re a small dick person. :joy:

Cause everyone fckn owns a kaly