I think my GT2B is broken. Help please

I just receive my GT2B purchased in hobbyking. When I turn on the transmitter thare are not lights on nowhere. I have not connected it to my VESC yet, so I don’t know if it works even if the battery light doesn’t turn on. When I plug the charger cable one light turn on green. It says CHG but battery lights still off. Manual says one lights will be red when charging.

Someone could tell me what lights may be on when you turn on the transmitter, please?

You might check and see if there is a piece of tape over the battery contacts, sometimes batteries ship like that.

Yes, I removed that piece of tape. Connected to VESC it does not work. I need to know if it is a battery problem or transmitter problem. I don’t have another battery to try. Maybe i’ll buy a multimeter

Hi Raxell,

Both lights should light on the transmitter when you turn it on. Does sound like a possible battery issue. Have you tried charging it for longer?