I wanna build a beast ! please help me:]

hello skate builders first, please, this is my first project i will be thankful for any help you will give me, if i did not understood something on the web and i’m wrong please teach me. i took a trip around the web to found out what i wanna build. i saw the trampa skateboards, i like it, do you? first step i want to buy the skateboard.
what are the difrences between the street carver (15 degrees deck?) and the mountain board (35 degrees deck?) if i want to be able to use two sets of wheels, all terrain or urbanit wheels. where i can buy it in good price and good condition, and what do you think about new skateboard buy option.

i want to set up rear dual beast motors to get the most massive torque, acceleration and speed how can i choose it? i think the torque 6374 190kv 3150w are good, what is the best option you can offer

the motor mounts will be the torque mounts, is it fit good with the trampa trucks? or u got better ideas?

next… i need all the rest parts please help me to choose them well

any help please:] tnx pro builders

What is your budget?

1200usd max

If it’s worth the money I’m willing to add a little more

For a good mountain board you will need around $2k (as it stands currently). Most of the price is the battery and Trampa deck…

ok. lets go for it , than i will know what i can get for a price

Let’s start with somthing. First i need to order the board? Mountain or street carver what the differences… whats better for two sets of wheels

get street carver unless you’re planning to run this primarily on rugged terrain

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Yes; I agree. Definitely build a street board

is this set will be good and will fit with urbanite wheels set, motor mount etc? i prefer to start with this wheels, did i choose everything right? im 82 kg the price is good? could i choose it cheeper? tnx

there is any parts missing? is that deal included all i need to start?

You’ll need a helmet, a battery, a BMS, an ESC, a remote, motor mounts, motors, belts, pulleys, a charger, an enclosure or two, and all the parts need to be compatible with one another

Yes… understood. But i just asking about the deck the trucks and the wheels. Are they good base to start with? Is it fits together? Can i set up my plan on on it? If yes i will order it for start

You need 2 trucks and 4 wheels. You only got 1 of each.

Are you running lipos or li ion

For the next step i would like choose the motors and the mount… Which one is the most beast?

I dont know yet im a beginner. I need your help for everything

to be sure that you don’t miss anything on the board, just get the whole set instead of getting it piece by piece.

i would vote for @Nowind 's direct drive

It depends on what you class as beast - motor whise. the SK3 series from Turngy is the standard go to for outrunner motors. at the moment, the SK3 192KV motor has the largest possible wattage throughput at just over 4KW. but some people might suggest getting a lower KV motor to increase the torque. but by pure numbers, the 192KV motor is the most powerful.

I’m a fan of li ion because they are safer but lipos are cheaper and work for mountainboards too