I want a double drop deck, but I have 6 inch wheels

Okay so the title is self explanatory, I want a 38in+ deck, that is double drop, butt I have 6 inch pneumatics. All the decks I have found that are double drop are really only designed for ~77mm wheels. I was in my local board store the other day looking at the switchblade 40 but there is no way I will be able to fit 6in wheels. I know that Redember does the Caldera and can be ordered with a custom drop truck cutout but it will cost me like $350aud to get it to me. I just wanna see if anyone has any lesser known decks that are PROVEN to work with nummies and are double drop

Hummie deck or redember. First one is hard to find, second option has a wait time but lots of customization and style options. Those are the only 2 i am aware of

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You can always print a jug to cutout any deck for drop through mount.



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Get any of those double drop decks and cut the corners

Notice the difference? image image


hummie or switchblade with evolve trucks.

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Have a link by any chance?

I would do this, but I suck ass at anything DIY

My vote goes with one of these.

Not only can any board fit those 6" wheels, you can turn any deck into a drop through.

Also pressing up your own boards is really easy too. $11 of wood, some clamps and some scraps of wood. Its a very approachable option if you have access to basic tools.


I have looked into this, but I don’t trust myself to make something that will be carrying me at 45kmhr+

If you can handle a dremmel with a router bit that’s enough. That’s what I used.

This is the best solution, trust me. You can even take a hacksaw and just remove the corners. It won’t affect the overall strength at all.

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Think I might give that a try tomorrow

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image Definitely gonna need the jigsaw with the switchblade.


with EVOLVE trucks :slight_smile:

Ah yes. The double kingpin will push the wheels further forward!

With DKP’s you can fit 6 inch at’s with drop through lol

Finally found a hummie deck :rofl:

I use a Landyachtz Switch 35, with 150mm wheels, (ala psychotriller). The deck is also available as a 40", and with some cut corners its no problems.