I want to buy a battery & a remote controllet ! ✌️

Hi everyone I started working on a DIY eskate months ago but I was stuck trying to build my battery pack. Since I really want to ride my board, I have no other choice but to buy it. I would like to buy a 10s battery, at least 3p with quality batteries for something like 150€. I’ll also need a remote controller ^^ I hope cool vendors will help me. Thanks

At that price, you’ll have to get a lipo. What motor controller are you using?

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unfortunately, batteries and the services accompanying them are quite costly. @hyperIon1 made me a great little 10s2p battery for around ~250. it includes everything I need to get up and running. I would advise you go the lipo route, as theyre cheaper

150 for a 10s3p is to low :confused:

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With all previous statements and advise takin in consideration, each route has its trade offs. We understand that cost is a factor in most builds. At the same time we also believe that using quality cells ( and they are ) , to 99% pure nickel strip and proper application makes the difference. The battery is one place we don’t skimp on, as a result our batteries preform the best. We credit this to the fact we use the best. The cells are fresh and tested several times before use. The source is top tear. They cost slightly more but it’s worth it. Bottom line, your battery is only as good as what its made of. I conceder the battery to be the most important part of your build. And the most expensive in most cases. Quality is one thing that has always been missing from China made battery packs.
We are just simply removing the limits…


Thank you everyone for replying quickly :slight_smile: Sure, I understand how building battery packs is a job. On the other hand, student being on a budget can’t afford big expenses for an e-skate. @hyperIon1, how many Ah are the li-ion cells you use for your battery packs ? If they are something like 3000Ah and can discharge enough current, I can settle with a 2p. I would like to have a +/- 200Wh battery pack and be able to ride 10% uphills. Sure, chinese battery packs may not be top quality, but as long as it can work fora few months, I can go with that. It’s all about trade offs :slight_smile:

If budget is a large concern, use lipo instead. You can put together a 10s 5ah pack for well under your budget, and I a 10s 10ah pack is not far off. Either will have plenty of discharge capability as long as your true c rating is 10c or more