I want to buy an electric skateboard, what electric skateboard do u recommend?

I want to buy an electric skateboard, I found gearlab’s electric skateboard, do u have heard about the gearlab skateboard? What electric skateboard do u recommend?

evolve bamboo GT

I’m also selling a complete DIY board. It’s barely used, only rode it a few times. Prices are not set in stone and is negotiable. PM me if interested! http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/sector-9-sk3-6364-6s4p-10ah-w-built-in-bms-vesc-4-12/18605?u=theviith

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i see it. thx bro .

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I have a new halo elec board. I really like it. But is there a way to add two motors to the front to make it 4wd? Also, is there after market all terrain wheels I can buy that will fit the halo? I ride on rough terrain sometimes.

Haha @willpark16 and @localredhead… these were good days :smiley:

@Kso79 you can´t really just slap on two motors because all other components aren´t able to deliver the needed power for that. Also it looks like a hub board, so in order to use all terrain wheels, you need suiting ATW for your hubs too, and i don´t think there are any for that board.

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Please dont spam random threads with your questions… Make a new one instead.

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Jason will revoke your service agreement for this travesty Karl. Got to catch up soon bud.

:thinking:that post is 2 years old! Obviously times have changed! The average punter cant go straight to a raptor anyway, needs the training wheels of the evolve :rofl:

Yeah but have you heard of the HyperOutdoor? I hear its Hyper outdoors and a beast in the sheets.


Just made me laugh. Found it by accident.

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Spam much?

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I got the Urbanpro “COOL & Fun” it rides great. However, the range is not that good.