I want to experiment more. Need a 3D printer

Hello guys,

I really wan’t more flexibility on my builds and i wan’t to be able to print some enclosures / remotes / pulley for my friends and me. What should I choose ? I can invest a bit since I know for sure I will use it a lot. All advices appreciated

Either the CR-10 or new Tevo Tornado are both great options for under $400 and with the 11.11 and Black Friday deals coming up soon it’s a good time to buy.

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budget printer that you’re willing to fiddle with- any i3 clone, I have the monoprice maker select

under 1k range printer: creality cr10s

I’m also shopping for one. this hobby is getting so expensive but atleast a 3d printer can be used for something else.

Without a doubt go with the Origional Prusa i3… best starter printer. Great print quality and you can score the MK2 for $200 less with the release of the MK3


Flashforge creator pro. Love it only downside is bed is sorta small


This printer seems to be the good solution. It’s just a bit expensive, but i think i can find a good deal. The baseplate seem very large, so it’s cool to print large stuff. What do you recommend in term of software ? I’m a complete newbie in this field so i need to dig some soft to try n design some stuff ! Solid works , blender maybe ? Something free and not over complicated

there are some free CAD software just google it. I use Autodesk Fusion 360 <=== free if you’re a student. I also own Anet A8, a prusia clone. This is a good option if your budget is 250 or under. TEVO is a better option.

Had the flashforge creator pro, loved it. Got a Nobel 1 UV/Resin printer now. Actually getting new printer tomorrow,


Yea it’s a sick printer. I would be fine without the dual extrusion though for a bigger bed. I wonder if there is a mod out there to get a bigger bed.

I’d build my own DLP printer if you’re after the best bang for your buck. Nothing comes close to a DLP in terms of accuracy and speed.

It’s opensource so I don’t think it’s impossible. Just a matter of building larger enclosure and rails,belts

I used the dual to have 2 diff materials or colors loaded for diff prints not having to swap anything. Never really used dual for single prints

What’s with the “wan’t”? I can’t figure if OP is trying to say want or was not or something.

I fixed it :yum: The title at least, can’t do anything about post :wink:

I use a CR 10 and i can recommend it without doubt , you won’t run into bed space problems and it works great even out of the box. The only thing i’d like to change is the Hotend, so that i might be able to print Polycarbonate for Pulleys etc.

Going to second you on the original i3. I built mine from the kit about five months ago and, save for a few hiccups in the beginning, it’s been working perfectly ever since! I’d say that with printers it is doubly true that you get what you pay for. Since no one else raised the issue yet, let’s talk slicing software: I use Slic3r and Repetier-host, both of which are free, both in price and hassle (for me at least). Slic3r lets me set up the print exactly the way I want it, and Repetier-host gives me direct control of the printer from my computer. Kinda wish Slic3r would do that to…

If you know Solidworks or similar, definitely use that! It’s MUCH easier to fix mistakes there than in Tinkercad.

Fusion 360 is also free for makers and startups, not just students. You only pay if your “making a lot of money”

I get it free because i’m not making a lot of money.

not the monies at the moment for one, but i´d definitely buy an original i3 too. I saw a lot of videos and tests about 3d printers and you´ll find yourself everytime in front of the original i3 again. If you´re really behind hardcore DIY and want to tinker around with them a lot, you´re pretty much ok with an i3 clone too, but the hassle free version is the original i think. Latest version has some pretty dope features too :slight_smile:

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