I want to experiment more. Need a 3D printer

or even better this guy :grin: :

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What’s your print plate size?

It’s a 30cmx30cm buildplate and 40cm height, so plenty of space even for large, segmented enclosures. You could even buy the CR 10 with a 40x40 oder 50x50 size.


i really need a desktop mill but this 3D printer… No. I will control myself.


Same here as with e-board parts. The cheap ones are not as good as the more expensive ones. On this point i would go for original Prusa, now that i know about printers. I have Geeetech Mecreator 2, and it is good, once i had to fix all issues it came with. :smiley: And i bought this box-style because i though it would be easy to enclose airtight, but in the end, best solution is just a complete box around the printer. But yea, cheap printer if you want to get experience, expensive if you want it to just work.

cr-10, build an enclosure, get ikea 30cm mirrors, stick cheap hictop build surface to the mirror. Then ABS printing is easy.

Adding onto @High-roller point about slicers, I have always used Cura and it has worked very well for me. It’s pretty simple and gives you a decent amount of control over your print though if you can afford Slicr I’m sure it’s better.

Oh and about reptier host I just use that for checking out GCode files because it’s renders them very well and quickly. For actual printing I HIGHLY reccomended Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi and a webcam especially of your printer is not in your room or near your main computer. Funny thing is my printers are like 2 feet away from my computer though I still use Octoprint cause of the statistics, filament managing, webcam control, and file management among other things it offers.

Just made a review for the best budget ones. Assuming you don’t want to spend too much on 3d printers.?

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I have a CR-10. If you want an easy to use set up with a good community and support and a low cost this it he best printer IMHO. I think you can get them sometimes for under $400 USD, this is the way to go. There really is no competition for this pricepoint and build volume and quality. The CR-10 just works out of the box unlike some of the other product (i.e. TEVO).

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I bought it too. Right after our conversation.

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even though i just have an Anet A8, but the buildvolume and the price is pretty much unbeatable.

the prusa I3 is awesome but price whise it only offers load of gimmicks and lesser build volume while costing 3 times as much.