I want to get into it, but am from Europe

Hi guys, I’ve been using my longboard for some years now, and I’d like to join the esk8 crowd. But all discussions around here involve hobbyking or the us market. Is there any way I can get a decent setup using my board? It’s a sector 9 one with double axle trunks or whatever they are called. Because the alternative would be to just buy a Koowheel board and be done with it. I’m not interested in climbing hills, just range/speed if possible, regen breaking and hub motors preferably so I can push the board with no problems when I run out of juice. Budget is around 600 euro (650$).

From where are you? I can maybe sell you my board

Yeah there are more and more EU eSk8 distributors every day. Check out Unikboards, Protobords, eSk8.de, and I’m sure there is some others I’m missing.

AlienPowerSystems and https://shop.elektro-skateboard.de/

Romania. What board do you want to sell?

Great, thanks! On average, how are the prices vs US?

Pretty comparable, maybe a bit more

In europe shops have the good habit of including 20-25% tax in the displayed price; in the US tax are usually added at checkout or, if you live abroad, you will pay your local tax to the postman. In a nutshell, a 100$ motor will actually cost you (100$+shipping$)×120%, whilst a 100€ motor is just 100+shipping€.

This is good info, thanks!