I want to go faster, but don't have much money

I finally successfully build my board (build log coming soon), and built the confidence to go full throttle (On a previous version w/ different motors I fell off at 26mph). I found myself wanting more… How can I do that on the cheap? An esk8 calculator said I should be getting 22mph loaded but it certainly doesn’t feel like that.

Current specs are: KEDA 6364 190kv motor Enertion 4.12 vesc 2.25 gear ratio 90mm wheels 8s1p 20c 5000mah lipo pack

In the near future, it will be a dual setup with another of the same motor.

The cheapest ways I can think would be to get a 2s lipo with the same specs in order to kick the overall up to 10s. Next cheapest would be wheels. I don’t want to sacrifice torque, otherwise I would adjust the gearing.

I also have a couple 5055 280kv motors sitting around. I could do an uneven dual drive as tested by @lowGuido.

These are my settings:

What do you guys think? I have pretty much become addicted, so I am excited to get this rolling (even faster)!!

Easiest and cheapest way is to get a larger motor pulley


Just go down a hill.

Anything you do to speed this board up without adding more power will result in a loss of torque except upgrading to a 12s pack. With your set-up, a 12s pack will get you to 30mph

Let it be said breaking 30mph On single motor is unsafe. It can be done but make sure you have space.

Breaking 30mph is deffinetly unsafe. But why do you say it’s unsafe just because of a single motor? Are you worried about breaking ability?

well, I can see myself drifting off to the side or losing traction on 1 motor, slow breaking guaranteed too. I just know its bad but I don’t want to say something I don’t fully understand.

There could be belt slips more stress on pully maybe more heat on motor from a big load.

Get a 12s pack. :skier:

I would argue that it depends on the esc. I’ve hit the brakes at 30 with 10s, a 6374, and 3d printed pneumatics on California pavement and been totally fine. Given, I run an ESCape which seems to know just the right curve to get me to a stop as quickly and smoothly as possible.

To stay on topic - the higher the voltage, the better. Just make sure that your ESC can take it.

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His motor his 2kw 10s lets not forget that. some say you can push the voltage but the 2kw limit still there.

This is true. I think I’ve actually seen that motor running 12s before on this forum :thinking: (still wouldn’t recommend it)